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Run In Your Own Lane

Even if you did win in someone else’s lane, the prize wouldn’t be satisfying because it doesn’t belong to you. 

Photo by Braden Collum on Unsplash

To finish your race you have to run in your own lane. You can’t run in someone else’s lane hoping to get noticed for running in yours. In your lane is truly all of satisfaction that you seek in that other person’s lane. 

Run in your own lane; it’s the only way to win your race and satisfy your soul.  

We are often captivated by those who appear to be passing us up in this race of life. But what we don’t realize is that even if they do win the race, they didn’t win our race. You are the only one who can start, run, finish and win your race. In fact, winning is built in to your race. And as long as you don’t quit, and  as long as you run in your own lane, you will win. 

It’s enticing to look over and see who’s running next to you. It’s tempting to even think it’s much better over there. But over there is not where you were meant to be. Here is where your home is. Here is what you’re best at. And here is where your happiness is. Even if you did win in someone else’s lane, the prize wouldn’t be satisfying because it’s not yours.

Run in your own lane; it’s the only way to win your race and satisfy your soul.  

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Monday Mindset: “Never Quit Quitting. It’s Key 🔑 To Winning!”


Monday Mindset: “Never Quit Quitting. It’s Key To Winning!”

Did you promise yourself you would quit by now? Did you quit once and then start up again?

Never quit quitting. It’s key to winning.

Each time you make a conscious decision to quit a bad habit, a negative thought, or a toxic relationship, you gain more ground.

Some things are easy to change, while others take time. Be resilient.

If you’ve broken your promise make a new one. Don’t wallow in what you didn’t do, or what you should have done, make a fresh commitment to a being a better you and quit again.

Never quit quitting. It’s key to winning.

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Struck Down But Not Destroyed

Get Back Up (1)

Life Throws Sucker Punches.

It punches you in the gut sometimes leaving you gasping for breath in the corner of the ring. You didn’t ask for it. You didn’t do anything to deserve it. It just happened. Out of nowhere. WHAM!

That kind of blow knocks you on your assets, disorients your reality, unseats your confidence, and, for a moment, causes you to wonder if this is the final blow.

With your face in a pool of your own blood, you faintly hear the referee standing over you counting you out. “1, 2, 3, 4…”

A part of you cries out, “It is finished!

Another part declares, “You’ve been knocked down, but you are not destroyed. Get back up!”

You whisper to yourself, “do you have what it takes to get up again?”

The referee continues counting, “5, 6, 7, 8, 9…”

Where will the final count find you?

Then It Happens.

The numbness dissipates. A sense of awareness returns. Getting your wits about you, you realize this is not unto death.

This ain’t your final fight. You’ve been struck down but you are not destroyed. There’s more left in you…a lot more!

A setback is a setup for a comeback, IF, you get back up!

This isn’t your final round. This is a setback. Get back up!

It’s not over until you win!

Your comeback is waiting on you to get back up!