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“You Didn’t Quit; You Were Rescued.”


Someone Needs To Hear This!!

“You didn’t quit; you were rescued.”

You’ve been beating yourself for something you lost – A job, a business, a relationship, a dream that didn’t go right.

You feel like you fell short; that you quit on what you so once loved. But Life would say to you, “You didn’t quit; you were rescued!”

There’s a reason you are no longer there; a reason you can’t fully understand yet.

You were snatched from a way that was about to turn ugly. You were spared just in the nick of time! Trust where you’re at. It’s exactly where you’re supposed to be!!

You didn’t quit; you were rescued!

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Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Easy


Most Popular 2016 New Year’s Resolutions: ‘Enjoy Life to the Fullest’ and ‘Live a Healthier Lifestyle.’ (Time Magazine)

Making New Year’s Resolutions can be a little overwhelming. To simply the process, try this:

  1. Make a list of the top 10 things you would like to see, do, have or feel in your life this year.
  2. Narrow your list down to five. Narrow down again to your top three.
  3. Be Mindful of your top three resolutions. Incorporate them in every area of your home and work life: Posters on the wall, screen captures, chore chart, songs, or even send yourself and email with them in the subject line.
  4. Work a little bit each day on your resolutions.
  5. Keep Track, Review & Celebrate often. Keep a tally mark, a journal note, or capture a picture of you engaging in your resolution activity. Then look back at the end of each day, month, or each quarter to review and celebrate your progress!

You CAN enjoy life to the fullest, live a healthier lifestyle or whatever your New Year’s resolution may be.

Still feeling overwhelmed? Need a little help jump-starting your life, or New Year’s resolutions? I can help. You are worth it! Let’s connect. I will make the first investment in you. Email me at jeff@jeffcrume.com.