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What You Are Afraid Of Is Afraid Of You

“What you are afraid of is afraid of you. What you fear is afraid you will no longer be afraid of it. Fear is loosing its grip on you, and its terrified. 

Fear knows you are almost free. Fear knows your belief in yourself is getting stronger. Fear knows it can’t hold you much longer. You’ve got fear on the run! 

One more rep. One more push. One more try. One more time.

Lift your head up high, one more time. Square your shoulders, one more time. Stare fear in the face until it flinches, one more time. 

The other side of this is exponential growth. From obscurity to notoriety. Believe it! Own it! Become it!” 

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My Journey

Tuesday’s Tip: Don’t Rest Until You Arrive. 

If you are one who moves a lot, changes jobs a lot, or gets bored easily…be encouraged. The passion that pulls you is on a mission. It seeks a land that is yet afar off. 

Don’t settle being unsettled. Unsettledness is not to be conquered; it’s to be honored. Unsettledness is a just a sign you haven’t made it home yet. 

Don’t rest until you arrive.