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Tuesday’s Tip: Don’t Rest Until You Arrive. 

If you are one who moves a lot, changes jobs a lot, or gets bored easily…be encouraged. The passion that pulls you is on a mission. It seeks a land that is yet afar off. 

Don’t settle being unsettled. Unsettledness is not to be conquered; it’s to be honored. Unsettledness is a just a sign you haven’t made it home yet. 

Don’t rest until you arrive.

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You Are the Author of Today


Your diet may not work, but you do. The latest fad might fade away, but you won’t. You are the life force behind change. Every decision, every discipline, every effort, is chiseling away; revealing the masterpiece within.

Don’t rely on things, methods, people, ideology, traditions; utilize them, and then create your own. All Creation lives within you! You are alive. Vibrant. Spectacular. You are powerful, beautiful, loved and lovable. There’s no better you than you.

Don’t give your power away. Be careful who you credit for your success. Great inspiration doesn’t transform; it ignites. You have the right stuff. You are made of the right stuff. Deep down inside of you is the you you’ve always dreamed of being. Today is your day to let your light shine, to let you come shining through.

Be you through and through. Love yourself. Hold your head up high. Do something today that makes you feel a bit taller. Stretch up on those tippy toes and smell the air up there where you belong. Celebrate yourself!

Leave the sad song, the who did you wrong song. Drop the chains, the guilt and the shame. You are not a mistake. It’s all been a test to show you how strong you are, what you are really made of.

Go out and create what you want today. It’s your life. It’s your story. You are the author of today.

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Monday Morning Motivation: Success Is Coming To Your Rescue


Monday Morning Motivation – “Success Is Coming To Your Rescue”

Failure can’t hold Success captive. Success is stronger than failure. The pull and the power of Success is greater than the pull or power of failure.

Success is genetically wired into you, and is activated most by captivity. If you find yourself being held captive by failure, hold on, you’re about to be set free.

Success is coming to your rescue!