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What You Are Afraid Of Is Afraid Of You

“What you are afraid of is afraid of you. What you fear is afraid you will no longer be afraid of it. Fear is loosing its grip on you, and its terrified. 

Fear knows you are almost free. Fear knows your belief in yourself is getting stronger. Fear knows it can’t hold you much longer. You’ve got fear on the run! 

One more rep. One more push. One more try. One more time.

Lift your head up high, one more time. Square your shoulders, one more time. Stare fear in the face until it flinches, one more time. 

The other side of this is exponential growth. From obscurity to notoriety. Believe it! Own it! Become it!” 

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2017, empowerment, Encouragement, Inspiration, My Journey

You Are the Author of Today


Your diet may not work, but you do. The latest fad might fade away, but you won’t. You are the life force behind change. Every decision, every discipline, every effort, is chiseling away; revealing the masterpiece within.

Don’t rely on things, methods, people, ideology, traditions; utilize them, and then create your own. All Creation lives within you! You are alive. Vibrant. Spectacular. You are powerful, beautiful, loved and lovable. There’s no better you than you.

Don’t give your power away. Be careful who you credit for your success. Great inspiration doesn’t transform; it ignites. You have the right stuff. You are made of the right stuff. Deep down inside of you is the you you’ve always dreamed of being. Today is your day to let your light shine, to let you come shining through.

Be you through and through. Love yourself. Hold your head up high. Do something today that makes you feel a bit taller. Stretch up on those tippy toes and smell the air up there where you belong. Celebrate yourself!

Leave the sad song, the who did you wrong song. Drop the chains, the guilt and the shame. You are not a mistake. It’s all been a test to show you how strong you are, what you are really made of.

Go out and create what you want today. It’s your life. It’s your story. You are the author of today.

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Trust What’s Tugging



Trust Where You Are Going: You’re Being Led Not Lured.

It’s scary on one hand, but feels right on the other. Is goes against what you know, but gently. It’s tugging you, not forcing you. This new way shows you an image of your completed self, then gently nudges you in that direction.

You do have to fight at times, but what are you fighting? You are fighting what you know, or what you think you know, to be true. You are fighting against your own escape.

You are both the one leading you out and the one trying to keep you there at the same time.

To break free, you have to go against what you’ve always thought or believed to be true. Better stated, you must let go of what you’ve always thought or believed to be true, to embrace the idea that there is more to know, and then to know it.

You can’t hold onto both – What you know, and what’s being shown to you – at the same time. There are not two truths, there is only One. Whichever you embrace becomes your reality.

Truth Evolves

Truth appears in layers. You’re not letting go in a negative manner, you are reaching for the next layer. By moving on, you’re honoring the truth that’s been the bedrock of your life thus far. You’re not leaving it; you are launching from it. Now it’s time to reach higher.

Truth knows when it’s finished it’s course. Each measure of truth has been specifically allocated to help you reach a certain level of understanding and awareness. At the end of that measure is another measure.

Never be afraid to know. You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free. Truth is eternal, perpetual. Truth doesn’t end, it continues eternally. Growth never ends.

Trust What’s Tugging

Don’t be afraid. You can never be led astray. A true seeker always finds Truth.

South, in the winter, is instinctive for a goose. A goose never questions whether it’s on course. A goose doesn’t have to stop and ask for direction.

Truth is instinctive within every Seeker.
Deception is fear. Fear is the deception.

Fear that you are going to “fall away,” THAT is the deception. Being led is gentle. “Scary” at times, but gentle.

Many Believers are afraid of being tempted or lured away. Many shut their eyes to things being shown to them in fear that they might be deceived.

Light Does Not Deceive

God doesn’t tempt. God doesn’t cause fear. God doesn’t cause doubt or worry. We do that ourselves. Our only eternal enemy has already been defeated, so the only one holding you back is you.

Why would a loving God lure you into a trap? He wouldn’t, because God is love. Trust where you are going: You’re not being lured, you’re being led.

Step into it. Trust the tug.