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Thursday’s Thought: What Are You Waiting For?

Ezra Pound Quote - A slave

Today’s Thought: What Are You Waiting For?

Key Question: What if they don’t show up?

Waiting is a pathology often influenced by faith. Faith that one day, some day, up ahead, then, when — everything is going to be. If it’s not, it must mean it wasn’t supposed to be, or, it isn’t time yet.

That type of thinking will burn through years of your life before you wake up and realize what you’ve been waiting on has been waiting on you.

Today’s the Day

What would you do different if what or who you were waiting on showed up today? I suggest you go to work doing that right now just in case they don’t show.

“A slave is one who waits for someone to come and free him.” — Ezra Pound

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Wednesday’s Word: You Didn’t Miss Your Moment-You Avoided A Disaster.


The opportunity you thought was an opportunity of a lifetime didn’t work out because it would have taken you away from “this.”

I know “this” doesn’t look like much at the moment, but it’s you; the you you’ve always dreamed of being…in the making.

The moment you thought you missed was a diversion; one that would have consoled you momentarily, even taken financial pressure off, but it would have delayed you from becoming your ultimate self.

The tenacity you’ve built by pushing through the resistance you’ve had up to this point would have atrophied. Desire would have waned and satisfaction would have set it. An alternate you would have been born.

Satisfaction steels desire. Without desire the fire required to acquire the desire would remain aloof. Seeing it afar off but never being able to appropriate it, to bring about desired change.

Pushing through where you are is building muscle, gaining traction. You are organically growing into who you were created to be. Pain of the present is fulfilling your deepest desires.

Reprieve is only temporary. The cycle will start all over. Whereever you try and run to, you will find yourself here again.

Resilience is being birthed at this very moment of angst and exhaustion. Embrace it. Don’t escape from it. You’re going to need it.

Look! Look! Just over the horizon. It’s everything you’ve dreamed of!

Get up! Get up! Dust yourself off! Keep going.

You didn’t miss your moment; you avoided a disaster.

(c) 2016 Jeff Crume. First published on Medium

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Resist the Resistance

I wrote this post on Facebook four years ago today, and it still speaks.

I pray these words seep into the essence of your soul bringing about the fullness of who you are. Keep resisting the resistance.

“Resist the Resistance” –  Originally posted August 16, 2012 · Facebook · Jeff Crume Empowers

“The resistance you feel is not ‘God,’ it’s you. You have never been where you are going, and you are afraid. But the real you has already been equipped to go where you are afraid to go. Resist the resistance until it becomes your driving force rather than your opposing one. Your destiny is counting on you to arrive!”