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Wednesday’s Word: Making Someone Else Out To Be Wrong Doesn’t Make You Right.

buck stops here

Making someone else out to be wrong doesn’t make you right. Someone else doesn’t have to be wrong for you to be right. Be right or wrong all by yourself.

Reaching our ultimate self includes taking full and complete responsibility for our lives. Immaturity blames, finds reasons, other than him or herself, for why life isn’t working out. Be right or wrong all by yourself. Let the buck stop with you!

There’s an old hymn that says, “just as I am without one plea.” A plea is a request made in an urgent emotional manner. Resist the urge to make what happens to you someone else’s fault.

Take full and complete responsibility for your life. Making someone else out to be wrong doesn’t make you right.

~ Jeff Crume


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The Most Overlooked Method To Building Self Worth


The key 🗝️  to self worth is self talk. To make sure you are becoming who you want to be, you must tell yourself over and over every day who you are. One simple way to do this is to make your mantra your password.

I am beautiful, I am wealthy, I am awesome.”

Whatever statement best describes the person you know you were created to be, make it your password. While there is not much data on how many times we actually type our password in a day, we could all agree that we type our password(s) a lot!

Think about it. What better way to program yourself for success.

Each time you enter your password, you will not only be “unlocking” your device, but at the same time, unlocking the recesses of your mind to help you be a better, more confident, you!

Make your mantra your password. It’s the most overlooked method to building your self worth.

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Monday Perspective: “Be True To You”

Be True To You

In a world filled with opportunity, don’t miss the one you were born for. Be true to you.

Don’t be easily enthralled in the hype of every proclamation. Make a list, check it twice. Make sure your name is at the top. Act accordingly. No one can do you like you do you!

– Jeff Crume