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Wednesday’s Word: You Never Have To Force Yourself Into What Fits

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Frustration can be an indication that you are trying to fit in where you don’t belong.

Everything is new at first. There’s a warming up period to every new place. There’s a get-to-know-you phase with every new tribe. But sooner than later you should ‘settle in’ and feel like you fit.

If you feel like you just don’t fit in…you probably don’t.

If you find yourself frustrated because no one seems to listen to you or care about your opinion, don’t take it personally. Don’t keep wasting your time and energy. ‘Move on down, move on down, the road.’

Don’t force yourself to fit in; your gift works best when it’s celebrated not just tolerated.

You are too important to waste your time with people who don’t get you. Don’t be desperate to belong. Remember, you never have to force yourself into what fits.

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Monday Mindset: “Never Quit Quitting. It’s Key 🔑 To Winning!”


Monday Mindset: “Never Quit Quitting. It’s Key To Winning!”

Did you promise yourself you would quit by now? Did you quit once and then start up again?

Never quit quitting. It’s key to winning.

Each time you make a conscious decision to quit a bad habit, a negative thought, or a toxic relationship, you gain more ground.

Some things are easy to change, while others take time. Be resilient.

If you’ve broken your promise make a new one. Don’t wallow in what you didn’t do, or what you should have done, make a fresh commitment to a being a better you and quit again.

Never quit quitting. It’s key to winning.

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Take It To The Gym!

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What’s weighing you down?

What’s holding you back?

What are you afraid of?

Take it to the gym!


“I used to go to the gym to get healthy; now I go to get free.” – Jeff Crume

Do you deal with Fear? Guilt? Shame? Doubt? Pain? Take it to the gym. Don’t believe me? Try it!

The next time you go work out, write on your shirt or your hand, the emotion, the weight – that “thing” that is causing you so much pain. With each rep, each mile, each punch, each deadlift, see yourself defeating that “thing!”

Take it to the gym. Beat the hell out it, so you can walk out free! Hasn’t this held you back for long enough?

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