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To Swing And Miss Is Still Progress

To swing and miss is progress-2

To swing and to miss is progress.

When it seems like you’re not making progress, remember that every effort you put forth, even the effort to continue putting forth effort, is progress.

The effort to believe is progress.
The effort to try is progress.
The effort to fail is progress.
The effort to try again is progress.

Keep swinging. Even if you miss, the effort you are putting forth to swing is progress.

2018, My Journey

Set Your Mind Before You Plant Your Feet

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Today’s Tip: Set Your Mind Before You Plant Your Feet.

Before you begin your day, make up in your mind how it’s going to be. Spend a few moments of each day setting your mind on the things you want to accomplish that day.
Even before you get out of bed, visualize yourself working on your to do list. See yourself accomplishing your goals for that day. Bask in the feelings of getting things done. Even take a moment to congratulate yourself, and then…plant your feet on the floor and get started.
A well thought out day, before the day gets started, assures that you are more productive during the entire day.
Set your mind before you plant your feet. It’s key to stepping into your destiny.
~ JC
2018, Encouragement, My Journey

Keep Going. Keep Going. Keep Going.

When Nothing Seems To Be Going Right, That’s The Time To Keep Going


Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

When nothing seems to be going right, KEEP GOING.

You can’t even stumble upon a break if you’re not moving. When nothing seems to be going right, KEEP GOING.

Keep writing, keep working out, keep planning, keep believing, keep trying. Scrap it all and start over if you have to, but whatever you do, KEEP GOING!

Standing still leaves you where you’re at. Any effort is better than no effort at all.