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From Day Job To Destiny

From day job to destiny; it’s a journey, and you’ve got to be smart about how to get there.

You’re real job in life is to figure out what you’re called to do. And you use a “job” to survive until you can figure out what your. calling is. Because a job is necessary to survive, and you live in a world where you need to survive.

Do what makes you feel good; what feeds your soul. Do what you would do for free. That’s key to identifying your calling.

When you do identify your calling, don’t quit your day job right away. Change your mindset about your job. Look at your job as a financial partner; an investor who’s helping you achieve your dreams.

Be prompt. Do a great job on your job, just as if your job was a client of yours, but at night when you lay your head on your pillow, remind yourself that your allegiance is to your calling.

When it’s time, the door to your calling will open and allow you to step into your destiny. Leaping is an option, but the % of casualty is much higher than stepping into it.

From day job to destiny; it’s a journey, and you’ve got to be smart about how to get there.

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If Humanity Had An Enemy

If Humanity had an enemy, the Ego would certainly be it.

That which tempts us is the same that judges us after we indulge. That which prods us to push past comfort’s edge is the same that convinces us we’re not courageous enough to leap. And it is the same, then, that condemns us for remaining…the same.The Ego demands, judges, ridicules, bullies, twists, convicts and condemns; rendering Humanity, at times, helpless in its grasp. What a miserable vicious cycle. Who will free us from this incessant enemy?Closer look reveals that the Ego is nothing more than a ‘pretender‘; smoke and mirrors, a ‘Great Wizard‘ who hopes you never look behind the curtain. The Ego doesn’t have to fight to win; it just needs to convince you that you do. All the while, the Victor – You – stands silently by, fully equipped and poised for battle just waiting your orders; orders that only you can give. The orders are not to fight, but to stand, and not just stand, but STAND UP!The Ego is a bully, and like with every bully once you stand up to it, it shrinks back to its own pitiful insecure self, sulking off looking for another insecure victim to taunt and torment. A bully will only bully you as long as you let them.

How much has your Ego cost you?

How much money has your Ego cost you? How much precious time has your Ego stolen from you? It’s time to stand up and push back. You are the Victor, not the victim. You have the power within to defeat this enemy once and for all. Who will free us from this incessant enemy? You will! I will! We will!

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Am I Enough? The Secret To Discovering Your Self Worth


Whether you’re starting a new business, interviewing for a new job, or making a new friend, you will have to eventually answer one question. “Am I enough?”

The more time you spend asking someone else that question, the more lost you will be. The more money you spend trying to answer that question, the more broke you will be. No one, and I mean NO ONE, can answer that question BUT YOU.

The biggest challenge I see with determining one’s own value and worth, is comparison. When we finally do get some clue as to who we think are, we hold what we think up to the mirror of society to see if what we think measures up.

“Trying to measure up will always keep you small.” – Jeff Crume

The secret is, there is no measurement. A person’s value or worth is a matter of perspective not measurement.

Just because you have the most toys or the most money doesn’t make you valuable. The one who doesn’t value money or toys doesn’t think less of, or more of, you because you either have them or don’t. Money or toys simply isn’t their measuring stick.

What is your measuring stick? What are you using to measure your worth?

Money? Career? Possessions? Success? Family? Happiness?

What if I told you none of these things can accurately measure your worth?