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If Humanity Had An Enemy

If Humanity had an enemy, the Ego would certainly be it.

That which tempts us is the same that judges us after we indulge. That which prods us to push past comfort’s edge is the same that convinces us we’re not courageous enough to leap. And it is the same, then, that condemns us for remaining…the same.The Ego demands, judges, ridicules, bullies, twists, convicts and condemns; rendering Humanity, at times, helpless in its grasp. What a miserable vicious cycle. Who will free us from this incessant enemy?Closer look reveals that the Ego is nothing more than a ‘pretender‘; smoke and mirrors, a ‘Great Wizard‘ who hopes you never look behind the curtain. The Ego doesn’t have to fight to win; it just needs to convince you that you do. All the while, the Victor – You – stands silently by, fully equipped and poised for battle just waiting your orders; orders that only you can give. The orders are not to fight, but to stand, and not just stand, but STAND UP!The Ego is a bully, and like with every bully once you stand up to it, it shrinks back to its own pitiful insecure self, sulking off looking for another insecure victim to taunt and torment. A bully will only bully you as long as you let them.

How much has your Ego cost you?

How much money has your Ego cost you? How much precious time has your Ego stolen from you? It’s time to stand up and push back. You are the Victor, not the victim. You have the power within to defeat this enemy once and for all. Who will free us from this incessant enemy? You will! I will! We will!

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Why Your Apple Watch Can’t Tell You What Time It Is


Do You Have The Time?

If you asked the average person, “Do you know what time it is?” Almost all of them would pull out their phone or look at their Apple Watch and say, Sure, the time is… But a person of destiny doesn’t look to the outside to tell time, he or she looks to the inside.

A person of destiny has an internal clock deep within their soul that has been recording every second and every minute, every pain and every sorrow, every victory and every defeat of their journey and knows, without looking, it’s my time now!


Keep Believing

Dreams are not made in a day, a year, or even a decade. Dreams are made by those who never quit. That “flutter” of uncontainable excitement you feel when you are around other successful people, or when you see someone else achieve their dreams, is a sign that you’re next.

Someone is just one encouraging word away from believing in themselves enough to become who they were born to be. Maybe that person is you.

If it is, take this word to heart. It’s your time now.

One More Time

You’ve come too far, fought too hard, and lost too much to stop believing now. One more time. Muster every bit of encouragement, faith, and hope that you can muster and try again. Find that drive, that ambition, that fire, that once burned bright in you, and light it again.

See yourself, on stage, writing that book, opening that business, marrying that person of your dreams. Visualize your life the way you know it was created to be until it makes you hungry and thirsty again for the thing you once longed for.

It’s Just Up Ahead.

What you were born for is just up ahead. It’s just around the bend. You are waiting on you. The you that you’ve always dreamed of being is waiting on you, counting on you to make it. You’ve got this!

Yes it hurts! Yes you want to quit! but what will quitting do?

I’ll tell you what quitting will do. Quitting will temporarily relieve your pain. But the pain of regret that follows after you quit on yourself and your dreams will far outway the pain you feel right now.

Regret can ruin the rest of your life, and many lives after you’re gone. GET BACK UP, again. Muster the strength, again. Wipe the dust off your dream, again. You’re just one belief away from your destiny.

Do you know what time it is?

It’s your time. 

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Thursday’s Thought: Keep Moving


Thursday’s Thought: “Keep Moving”

In fitness training we learn about lactic acid. It can build up in your muscles, post workout, resulting in severe soreness. Sometimes it takes a day or two to really feel the effects.

I used to take breaks in between workouts, thinking I was doing my body good by resting. But too much resting, I discovered, results in more pain. Now, regardless of how sore I am, I hit the gym again, especially right after a very intense workout. Or, I make sure I find times throughout my day to keep moving.

The same is true in life, friend. Too must celebrating or resting between our successes or failures, cause our “success muscles” to atrophy. Complacency can also set in, especially after we experience extreme setbacks.

The best time to go after your next goal is IMMEDIATELY after you fail at, or accomplish, the one you’re working on. So to make sure you reach your your goals, both in life and in the gym, keep moving. It’s the key to you being more and living better!