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Why Authenticity Is Stopping You From Achieving Your Dreams

Have you ever shared something with someone, I mean from the depths of your soul, and as soon as it came out of your mouth you started beating yourself up for sharing?

I met with a close friend and colleague this morning. I refer to her as “Miss Dubai” because of the elegance and brilliance she expresses in the world.

We had one of those “heart-to-heart” talks over coffee. You know the kind where you’re just real. No fake. No pretense. If it sucks right now you say it sucks!

(There are few in life who you can have those kinds of conversations with and still hold your head high when you’re through. That’s why I cherish our relationship.)

I’ve been reflecting on our conversation since this morning and haven’t been able to shake the feeling that once again I bit the bait of “expressing how I really feel.”

There are times in your journey when you shouldn’t share how you feel, but rather talk about how you want to feel. You shouldn’t always share what you don’t have, but rather express what you want to have.

If like begets like, which I believe it does, then even our “honest moments of reflection” can be doing unseen damage.

I quickly shot the following text to “Miss Dubai.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it was meant for more that just the two of us.

Even our most honest moments of reflection can be doing unseen damage.

Text Message to Miss Dubai

“Ok Ms. Dubai – that was the last conversation I’m having with you about who I’m not and what I don’t have. “Authenticity” can be a evil elixir at times.

I’m not broke. I’m not a slave to a job. I’m not stuck. I’m not afraid. – of ANYTHING! I celebrate the clients I have, the speaking opportunities I have, the consulting arrangements I have.

All of these pieces make up my financial snapshot at the moment. It’s not who I am, it simply is where I am at the moment. Just because where I am at the moment is not where I ultimately want to be, doesn’t mean I’m not who I need to be – at this moment.

Organic Growth

I am organically growing into the person I’ve been created to be. My pain and struggle – even the pain and struggle that today delivers – has made me, is making me, and will always continue to make me who I am born to be.

Do I need to do more?

More is relative. You don’t force a flower to bloom; you give it space and allow it to do what comes naturally.

What may “appear” to be “messy” to the outside at the moment, or even to the inside at times, is actually a precursor to my glory.

I am exactly who I need to be, exactly where I need to be, doing exactly what I need to be doing at exactly this stage in my life!!

But don’t blink baby, because I’m about to change. 😉

End Text.

Keep being you. There’s no one better!!

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Sitting on the Fence Too Long Gives You Splinters In the Butt.

Are You Stuck?

Have you ever been stuck between two opinions? And worse yet, both of those opinions are yours?

Indecision is the archenemy of destiny. Indecision means you are “in” “decision.” You are in the process of deciding, but you haven’t fully made up your mind.

What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

You decide! You turn indecision into a decision by making a decision. What decision should you make? What decision would you make if you knew you couldn’t lose? Commit to that one!

Life is too short, and happiness is too free not to take full advantage of what belongs to you! But it will take you getting off the fence in order to get it.

Make a decision. Remember, sitting on the fence too long gives you splinters in the butt!

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Thursday’s Thought: Keep Moving


Thursday’s Thought: “Keep Moving”

In fitness training we learn about lactic acid. It can build up in your muscles, post workout, resulting in severe soreness. Sometimes it takes a day or two to really feel the effects.

I used to take breaks in between workouts, thinking I was doing my body good by resting. But too much resting, I discovered, results in more pain. Now, regardless of how sore I am, I hit the gym again, especially right after a very intense workout. Or, I make sure I find times throughout my day to keep moving.

The same is true in life, friend. Too must celebrating or resting between our successes or failures, cause our “success muscles” to atrophy. Complacency can also set in, especially after we experience extreme setbacks.

The best time to go after your next goal is IMMEDIATELY after you fail at, or accomplish, the one you’re working on. So to make sure you reach your your goals, both in life and in the gym, keep moving. It’s the key to you being more and living better!