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“You Didn’t Quit; You Were Rescued.”


Someone Needs To Hear This!!

“You didn’t quit; you were rescued.”

You’ve been beating yourself for something you lost – A job, a business, a relationship, a dream that didn’t go right.

You feel like you fell short; that you quit on what you so once loved. But Life would say to you, “You didn’t quit; you were rescued!”

There’s a reason you are no longer there; a reason you can’t fully understand yet.

You were snatched from a way that was about to turn ugly. You were spared just in the nick of time! Trust where you’re at. It’s exactly where you’re supposed to be!!

You didn’t quit; you were rescued!

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Find Your Inner Coach

How many times have you heard that still small voice way deep down inside, ignored what it told you to do, only later to discover if you would have listened, it would have made your life a whole lot easier?

Why is it easier for us to listen to what others tell us, but reject what we tell us? In this week’s 1-Minute Motivation, Jeff share the importance of identifying, and listening to, your inner coach.


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Google Doesn’t Have Your Answer


Tuesday’s Tip: Honor your own wisdom

“Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find.”
We all know to ask and to seek, but when is the last time you went to yourself for the information you are seeking? When is the last time you considered yourself to be the expert you need advice from?
To be all you were created to be, honor your own wisdom. Like an iceberg, the part of you, which is unseen, is where your strength is. You may appear to be floundering on the surface, but underneath your experienced has produced solid wisdom that you can count on. Wisdom that will guide you.
If you look even closer, you will realize that you’ve been here before. And, you made it out! Why pay someone else to help you out of what you already know how to get out of yourself? I’m all for counseling and coaching, but the best counselor and coach is still the one within.
Seek out yourself for the answers you need before going elsewhere, you may be surprised what you will find. Google doesn’t have your answer, only you have it. Honor your own wisdom.