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Why Authenticity Is Stopping You From Achieving Your Dreams

Have you ever shared something with someone, I mean from the depths of your soul, and as soon as it came out of your mouth you started beating yourself up for sharing?

I met with a close friend and colleague this morning. I refer to her as “Miss Dubai” because of the elegance and brilliance she expresses in the world.

We had one of those “heart-to-heart” talks over coffee. You know the kind where you’re just real. No fake. No pretense. If it sucks right now you say it sucks!

(There are few in life who you can have those kinds of conversations with and still hold your head high when you’re through. That’s why I cherish our relationship.)

I’ve been reflecting on our conversation since this morning and haven’t been able to shake the feeling that once again I bit the bait of “expressing how I really feel.”

There are times in your journey when you shouldn’t share how you feel, but rather talk about how you want to feel. You shouldn’t always share what you don’t have, but rather express what you want to have.

If like begets like, which I believe it does, then even our “honest moments of reflection” can be doing unseen damage.

I quickly shot the following text to “Miss Dubai.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it was meant for more that just the two of us.

Even our most honest moments of reflection can be doing unseen damage.

Text Message to Miss Dubai

“Ok Ms. Dubai – that was the last conversation I’m having with you about who I’m not and what I don’t have. “Authenticity” can be a evil elixir at times.

I’m not broke. I’m not a slave to a job. I’m not stuck. I’m not afraid. – of ANYTHING! I celebrate the clients I have, the speaking opportunities I have, the consulting arrangements I have.

All of these pieces make up my financial snapshot at the moment. It’s not who I am, it simply is where I am at the moment. Just because where I am at the moment is not where I ultimately want to be, doesn’t mean I’m not who I need to be – at this moment.

Organic Growth

I am organically growing into the person I’ve been created to be. My pain and struggle – even the pain and struggle that today delivers – has made me, is making me, and will always continue to make me who I am born to be.

Do I need to do more?

More is relative. You don’t force a flower to bloom; you give it space and allow it to do what comes naturally.

What may “appear” to be “messy” to the outside at the moment, or even to the inside at times, is actually a precursor to my glory.

I am exactly who I need to be, exactly where I need to be, doing exactly what I need to be doing at exactly this stage in my life!!

But don’t blink baby, because I’m about to change. 😉

End Text.

Keep being you. There’s no one better!!

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Abundance Is Your Birthright

If deep down inside, you are secretly afraid of the person you might become when you finally become the person you’ve always dreamed of being, you will never become that person.

“I’ll be more of me when I’m finally me.”

There’s a misnomer floating around that somehow when you finally get to be the person you’ve always dreamed of being, that somehow you’ll be less of who you really want to be:

Less loving, less compassionate, less driven, less considerate…Like when we have less, we’re somehow more. And when we have more, we’re somehow less.

It’s like that saying, “When you finally get there, don’t forget where you came from.” Like you’re going to turn into this self-righteous arrogant jerk that doesn’t give a $!*# about anyone but themselves. Like finally possessing the ultimate desire of your heart is going to somehow corrupt you.

If deep down inside, you are secretly afraid of the person you might become when you finally become the person you’ve always dreamed of being, you will never become that person.

Turn that negative ideology around. Start telling yourself the better you get, the more loving you are. The more money you make, the more people you help. The more you become, the more positive change you bring to your world.

Forgetting where you came from is good for you.

Don’t be bound by some obligatory ideology that says you owe something to someone or some thing; that somehow your honor of something or some past place in your life makes you a better person now.

Is being less than you were created to be somehow mean you’re a better human being?

No! It just means you’re less than what you were created to be. It also means your afraid of who you think you might become if you do ever “forget where you came from.”

You can never become something you’re afraid of becoming.

I don’t know about you, but I’m willing to risk it all to find out. I’m willing to bet on the come that my best-self, my ultimate-self, is far better of a human being than I could ever ask imagine or think.

You can never become something you’re afraid of becoming.

I’m willing to risk everything to believe that my highest self is the best expression of who I was created to be; that he or she will do a million times more good in the world than the one who is afraid of becoming their true self, in fear of who they might become.

If you’re afraid of who you might become you don’t know who you’ve been created to be.

Risk it all. Throw in the towel. Walk away from everything you think you know to be true, to discover Truth. For it’s only Truth that sets you free.

I’ll be more of me when I’m finally the me I’ve always dreamed of being. How about you?

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Where Does Superman Go For Help?


When you see me at my worst, rather than exploit my weakness or judge me, could you look past the ugly, the addiction, the pain, the failure, the hurt, the weakness, and just hand me my cape?

Often times it’s emotional not physical stamina that hinders our forward progress. Keeping a positive attitude 24/7 is arduous. Maintaining the upbeateverything is greatI can do it, mindset can be exhausting. (Can I get a witness?) There are times when, regardless of how hard you try to remain strong, you find yourself weak.

Where does Superman go to take off his cape?

Holding up a persona is physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritual exhausting. It’s the leading cause of dreams going into cardiac arrest — Trying to be for everyone else who you think they want you to be.

A Soapbox Moment:

Allow me to step up on my soapbox for a moment. Can someone just please tell me I’m ok, just like I am? That for this moment, I don’t have to be strong? That for this moment, it’s ok to not know what the hell I’m doing? That for this moment it’s ok to be scared?

This isn’t who I am, I know that; it’s just what I’m going through. I truly know deep down inside this won’t last long. I don’t need your pity, your ridicule, or your judgement; I just need your support.

When you see me at my worst, rather than exploit my weakness or judge me, could you look past the ugly, the addiction, the pain, the failure, the hurt, the weakness, and just hand me my cape?

Just lay my cape close to me as a reminder of who I am. There’s still enough of ME alive in me that if I can just get close to who I know I am, I will rise again!


Give yourself permission to be weak

When you find yourself physically fit but emotionally weak, take a breakDon’t force it, flow with it. If you force your way through physical pain you may win sometimes, but more often you cause even more damage resulting in longer setbacks and recovery times.

When you’re feeling down don’t try and hold it up. Give yourself permission to not give a @!$%, to not try, to not want to. Give yourself a chance to just be who you are at the moment — judgement free. Remember, what we resist persists.

Don’t force it, flow with it

During the storm you don’t fight the wind; you align yourself with it and allow it to carry you in the direction of your destination. Even if it seems like you’re just getting tossed to and fro, don’t lose hope, after the storm clears you will land on the beach, AND, on your feet — you always do!

Chances are, “one more try,” when we’re emotionally exhausted, isn’t going to help; it’s going to make things worse.

Give yourself permission to be who you are at this moment. Judgement free. Remember, what we resist persists.

If you force yourself to push too much through emotional pain, you can also cause more damage. Self esteem is already at an all-time low during those times we lack emotional stamina. To keep trying and failing, when you just can’t seem to get your heart or head in the game that day, can damage your self worth even more.

The more damage done to our soul during times of trying when we should just be content with simply curling up in a ball and crying, means the more time and effort we will spend “nursing our emotional wounds,” and getting back on our feet rather than being on our feet and making forward progress toward our goals.

To keep trying and failing, when you just can’t seem to get your heart or head in the game that day, can damage your self worth even more.

There’s no shame in taking off your cape

If you find yourself lacking in emotional stamina, step back and go at it again a time or two, but if you’re not getting the breakthrough you need, take time completely away to refresh.

Give yourself permission to take off your cape, and just rest in your weakness. There’s no shame in taking off your cape. Even the strongest are weak at times. It’s embracing our weakness that truly makes us strong.

Your strength will return; it always does. Your drive and passion will emerge once again; it always does.

Even the strongest are weak at times. It’s embracing our weakness that truly makes us strong.

Strength actually knows when it’s time to return. Rest in your weakness and your “cape” will actually put itself back on when it’s time. And when it does, baby, it’s time for you to rise again.


Are you feeling weak?

Embrace it. Rest in it. Weakness is restoring your strength. Give yourself permission to be exactly where you are — judgement free.

Strength hasn’t forgotten you. Destiny has not passed you by. Allow weakness to run it’s course. This too shall pass.

With every bit of strength you can muster, turn and capture a glimpse; your cape is right next to you. Don’t worry, it doesn’t fit anyone but you. Your superpower is irrevocable. Rest. Strength knows when it’s time to return.

And when it returns, go save the world!