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Grasp This If You Can, And Your Life Will Change Forever

If you can grasp this, it will set you free, AND, put you on a totally new course in life and business.

Are you ready?


“It’s Intentional.”


Grasp this if you can. The World is not seeing you right now because, “it’s intentional.” You are being passed over for promotion right now because, “it’s intentional.” Everything you are wishing, hoping, and praying to happen in your life right now is not happening because, say it with me, “it’s intentional.”

There’s a masterful story in the Christian Bible where Jesus was attending a wedding. The host of the party ran out of wine and came to Jesus to “fix it.” Jesus said the most powerful words ever uttered in the Universe, as far as I’m concerned. He said, “it’s not my time.”

You Have A Perfect Time To Shine

It’s not my time. Now, there’s so much being said here, on so many different levels, we can’t dive into it all in this post, but the key for you to know is, you have a perfect time to shine. A “set time,” an “ordained time,” if you please.

And if you will resist the urge to allow society to “mold you” into who they need or want you to be, and if you keep trusting in the deep calling that’s centered in your soul, and not get ahead of yourself, you will get to where you want to go, AND, more importantly, you will be right on time.

You see, if you’re allowed to shine before your time you will be a flash in the pan; a one-hit wonder. But if you wait patiently, remain humble, in due time you SHALL be exalted. And when your time has come, you will transcend most of the arduous journey moving from obscurity to notoriety seemingly overnight.

It’s Not Linked To Age

Remember, this kind of “time” is not linked to age. It is never too late. I recently worked with Robbie at a weeklong city-wide business expo who is in her 80’s and still doing business all across the country.

I met Dr. Barbara Young at the same event who is also in her 80s. Who didn’t go back to school to get her education until she was in her sixties. She went on to get her PHD.

In a recent podcast I was listening to with Oprah and Jane Fonda, Jane shared how she didn’t find her true self until after she turned sixty!

The World Is Being Prepared For You

Your “time” is not linked to age; it’s linked to preparedness. Destiny is only predicated on the fullness of time. You see, not only are you being prepared for the world, but the world is being prepared for you!

Be patient. Be kind. Be humble. You haven’t been passed by, you’ve been prepared; prepared for such a time as this.

Grasp this if you can, and your life will change forever. It’s intentional.

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How To Find Creation out of Chaos


What did you learn from what you just went through? Or did you just let it beat the hell out of you for nothing?

There’s creation on the other side of all chaos. You just have to look close enough to find it.

We all experience chaos.

Explosions. Blow-ups. Eruptions.

Periods in our lives where everything seems to suddenly go to *%#!

The flesh just sees the chaos; the debris, while Wisdom sees the creation beyond the chaos.

Pride feels the pain, while the soul “knows very well.”

What did what you just went through show you?

What did you learn from what you just went through? Or did you just let it beat the hell out of you for nothing?

If you look close enough every “explosion” causes expansion.

Explosion make room in our lives for “more.” And that “more” is what we all need to tap into the grow.

So the next time you experience chaos in your lifea knock-down-drag-out-fight with your spouse, a blow up with your boss, or an ego battle with the driver on the freeway that leaves you in an exhilarated panic…

Pause & Reflect

Look past the emotion and pain. Sift through the chaos; the fragmented pieces, for the lesson.

  1. Apply it
  2. Grow from it
  3. Rinse and repeat

There’s creation on the other side of all chaos. You just have to look close enough to find it.

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Putting My Struggle On Blast

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When will our world be a safe place to put our struggle on blast? When will it be easier to come out than to stay in?

A friend recently encouraged me to start posting my difficulties and struggles; Superman without a cape, kind of stuff.

But it’s SO DAMN HARD, & SCARY!!

I’ve really ever only known how to cover up; to stand strong, to fake it until you make it.

Not in a pretentious way, but as “smart business.” “Never let them see you sweat,” right?

Yet, when I try and cover up, that’s when I feel most weak.

I feel the strongest when I admit my weakness, but then shrink back in fear of what people think….when I identify and verbalize my struggle. Not of yesteryear, or even yesterday, But of right now!

I wrote in my journal today….

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