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Thursday’s Thought: Keep Moving


Thursday’s Thought: “Keep Moving”

In fitness training we learn about lactic acid. It can build up in your muscles, post workout, resulting in severe soreness. Sometimes it takes a day or two to really feel the effects.

I used to take breaks in between workouts, thinking I was doing my body good by resting. But too much resting, I discovered, results in more pain. Now, regardless of how sore I am, I hit the gym again, especially right after a very intense workout. Or, I make sure I find times throughout my day to keep moving.

The same is true in life, friend. Too must celebrating or resting between our successes or failures, cause our “success muscles” to atrophy. Complacency can also set in, especially after we experience extreme setbacks.

The best time to go after your next goal is IMMEDIATELY after you fail at, or accomplish, the one you’re working on. So to make sure you reach your your goals, both in life and in the gym, keep moving. It’s the key to you being more and living better!

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Life Tip: Catch Your Balance Quickly


On your road to Destiny, Friend, you are going to have good days and bad days. Often times our “bad days” are nothing more than momentary lapses of memory; times when we slip out of our true selves. Fear, anxiety, disappointment, or some other negative force, seeps in and nudges us off course.

It’s easy, at this point, to fall back into old habits and patterns. But don’t panic. You haven’t totally fallen, you’re just slipping. Catch your balance quickly, make the necessary adjustments, and get right back to being you.

Some adjustments are quick and easy: a deep breath, a new thought, a different perspective. While other adjustments require taking an entire day off, shutting down the project, walking away from it all for a few days.

Signs that we are slipping include:
1. Sudden negative thoughts that deplete our self worth
2. Our hot buttons get pushed easier.
3. Doubt seeps in and begins to destroy our self confidence
4. Lack of focus, creativity, and desire to do what we love.
5. We think, all of a sudden, we need someone’s help.
6. Suddenly we feel like eating everything in site!

Whatever caused you to begin to slip in the first place isn’t important. What’s important is that you recognize that you are slipping, that you catch your balance quickly, that you make the necessary adjustments, and that you get back to being you as soon as possible!

The next time you feel yourself slipping, don’t panic. You haven’t totally fallen at this point. Catch your balance quickly, make the necessary adjustments, and get right back to being you!

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Take Time To Connect


Today’s Thought: Take Time To Connect

We live at light speeds. The challenge is our connections are suffering. And connection is what turns strangers into friends, strengthens our family, builds our tribes and grows our businesses, and makes our world just bit more awesome.

Before you pitch your product, share your views, or bombard someone with your latest and greatest revelation, take a moment to connect to the person you are talking with.

Don’t be in a hurry to get what you want.

Make eye contact, shake the person’s hand, ask something about them. Genuinely be interested. Do something that lets them know you care about them not just what they can do for you.

This Holiday season you can make your world a little more awesome by taking time to connect. Connect before your share. It shows that you care.