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What You Are Afraid Of Is Afraid Of You

“What you are afraid of is afraid of you. What you fear is afraid you will no longer be afraid of it. Fear is loosing its grip on you, and its terrified. 

Fear knows you are almost free. Fear knows your belief in yourself is getting stronger. Fear knows it can’t hold you much longer. You’ve got fear on the run! 

One more rep. One more push. One more try. One more time.

Lift your head up high, one more time. Square your shoulders, one more time. Stare fear in the face until it flinches, one more time. 

The other side of this is exponential growth. From obscurity to notoriety. Believe it! Own it! Become it!” 

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Are You Prepared For What’s Coming?

are you prepared

Before you perfect what you are working on, life is going to require you to take the next step. Before you get through this struggle, life will require you to face the next.

Have you ever been hit with so many struggles at one time that you scream for life to give you a break? Life will give you a break. Life will swoop down, lift you up out of your mess and set you gently on the sidelines and allow you to stay as long as you like.

I’ve learned from working with people who are dying that if they had it to do all over again, they might take a break on the sidelines just long enough to catch their breath, but then they would quickly get back up and move on!

Are You Prepared For What’s Coming?

Is there another hurdle in your way? Catch your breath and jump over it. Did you trip over the last hurdle? Get yourself back up and run toward the next one. Are you all out of breath because life is weighing you down and you are overwhelmed? Suck it up, the next hurdle is coming.

Life isn’t going to slow down. In fact, you don’t want it to slow down. The faster life comes at you the stronger you get. You may not be able to recognize it yet, but you are getting stronger. Just think about it. What you are facing right now, you’ve faced before.

It may be in a different form, maybe a new face or a new place, but the pain, the hurt, and the struggle; it’s all the same. And if you came out on top the last time, you can come out on top again. Even if you didn’t come out on top last time, there’s always a first time for everything and this is your first time to win!

You can only get punched in the gut so many times before your gut starts getting stronger and you are able to absorb the punches and keep on moving forward.

Pay attention. Your strength is coming from the inside. Yes, you may be breathing heavy, yes you may feel like you can’t go on, but something is beginning to take over on your inside, and that something is not letting you quit.

I know it may seem like it’s hard right now. I know you may be out of breath, but the next hurdle is coming! You MUST move forward!

Keep preparing for what’s coming because it’s going to show up sooner or later. And if I’ve learned anything about life, it’s going to be sooner than later.