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Are You Being Led or Deceived?

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Being led can feel like being deceived, especially when where you feel you’re being pulled to pushes the boundaries of your belief system, and causes chaos in everything you’ve come to know and hold dear. Sometimes it’s at a crisis of faith that our true self is born.

You’re being led outside of your beliefs, that’s why it feels like deception. What you’ve believed has taken you so far; it’s all you know. But to grow you have to let go of what you know.

Don’t be afraid to believe something more; something new, something different. You must trust where you’re going. You’re being led not deceived.

Many are deceived and they don’t know it. They’ve been deceived to believe that ‘this’ is where they are ‘supposed’ to be. What we believe to be ‘rightful duties’ or ‘responsible decisions’ can many times become a vice; chains that keep us bound.

What’s on the other side of what you believe?

You will never know until you let go of what you think you know.

Deception is believing you are supposed to be ‘here.’ ‘Supposed to’ is an obligation, a duty, an expected responsibility. ‘Supposed to’ is the binding agent of small.

People won’t get you, and many times you won’t get you, but that is no excuse to remain where you were never meant to be. There’s no greater reason to be your self than the simple fact that it’s your birthright.

If everyone else comes along, great! If not, you must press on. You will discover a new community, a stronger support system, when you arrive.

You can’t ask people to support you who don’t believe in what you’re doing. And they certainly won’t follow you if they feel your are going the wrong way.

Sometimes the only way to know is to go.

Trust where you’re going. You’re being led not deceived.

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Monday Mindset: “Never Quit Quitting. It’s Key 🔑 To Winning!”


Monday Mindset: “Never Quit Quitting. It’s Key To Winning!”

Did you promise yourself you would quit by now? Did you quit once and then start up again?

Never quit quitting. It’s key to winning.

Each time you make a conscious decision to quit a bad habit, a negative thought, or a toxic relationship, you gain more ground.

Some things are easy to change, while others take time. Be resilient.

If you’ve broken your promise make a new one. Don’t wallow in what you didn’t do, or what you should have done, make a fresh commitment to a being a better you and quit again.

Never quit quitting. It’s key to winning.

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Wednesday’s Word: Making Someone Else Out To Be Wrong Doesn’t Make You Right.

buck stops here

Making someone else out to be wrong doesn’t make you right. Someone else doesn’t have to be wrong for you to be right. Be right or wrong all by yourself.

Reaching our ultimate self includes taking full and complete responsibility for our lives. Immaturity blames, finds reasons, other than him or herself, for why life isn’t working out. Be right or wrong all by yourself. Let the buck stop with you!

There’s an old hymn that says, “just as I am without one plea.” A plea is a request made in an urgent emotional manner. Resist the urge to make what happens to you someone else’s fault.

Take full and complete responsibility for your life. Making someone else out to be wrong doesn’t make you right.

~ Jeff Crume