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Your Best Is Here To Stay

kiss to yourself

Your best is here to stay. The “highs,” the “poofs,” the “best parts” of your life that you’ve been experiencing lately, are TRULY YOU. It ain’t going away! You’re not going to lose it. It will never leave you nor forsake you.

That part of you now exists because of the years of diligence, discipline, and determination you put forth! Through blood, sweat, and tears, you’ve become who you’ve known all along you were born to be.

Nobody, or nothing, can take that from you. Nobody gave it to you; you earned it! You became it! You deserve it! You earned it. Now OWN IT!

Stay out of your head and in your heart and keep moving forward. It’s not going away. Your best is here to stay!

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What You Are Afraid Of Is Afraid Of You

“What you are afraid of is afraid of you. What you fear is afraid you will no longer be afraid of it. Fear is loosing its grip on you, and its terrified. 

Fear knows you are almost free. Fear knows your belief in yourself is getting stronger. Fear knows it can’t hold you much longer. You’ve got fear on the run! 

One more rep. One more push. One more try. One more time.

Lift your head up high, one more time. Square your shoulders, one more time. Stare fear in the face until it flinches, one more time. 

The other side of this is exponential growth. From obscurity to notoriety. Believe it! Own it! Become it!” 

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Why You Shouldn’t Block Your Haters

you suck

Criticism Serves Two Purposes: To FUEL and to REVEAL.

First, criticism fuels. It fuels our passion and causes us to burn hotter. Criticism invokes a bit of righteous indignation and holy anger which, if channeled correctly, can catapult us into success and cause us to achieve our highest potential.

Second, criticism reveals. Key: What bothers us enlightens us. What pushes our hot buttons reveals areas in our own ‘armor’ that need strengthened.

This one is a little tougher to swallow. But when you can admit that you are actually a bit nervous about this venture, and that you really do hope what your critics say about you won’t happen, you can move toward being free from what anyone says.

Don’t block your haters; use their criticism to fuel your success and reveal areas of weakness in your own heart and mind that, once shored up, will cause you to excel beyond even your own expectations.