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Wednesday’s Encouraging Word: “It Is Finished”



Wednesday’s Encouraging Word: “IT IS FINISHED!”

Life is a series of seasons. Each with a Divine purpose to produce IN us so that we can produce THROUGH us.

The Finishing Season is where all of the pieces of your life come together.

“The work that I begun in you I will carefully carry it out unto completion.”

The finished work, or completed work, isn’t what you produce; it’s what’s been produced in you. (Don’t miss that!)

KEY: Your finished work is NOT fruit; its preparation to produce fruit.

If you can grasp this next point, the weight of the world will be lifted off your shoulders this very moment:

All that you’ve done up to this point in your life and career, everything you’ve experienced, has been to PREPARE you! Not for what’s coming, because you are in charge of what’s coming. It’s been to prepare you to CREATE what’s coming.

YOU are the creator of what’s next.

Don’t miss that!
Nobody will do for you what you’ve been created to do yourself.

You’re qualifications are your scars,
your pain, your experience.
Your blood. Your sweat.
AND those tears!

EVERYTHING will begin to come together now in your life to produce what you’ve been born to produce.

Steady your soul. Stay your course. Nothing has been wasted!


– Jeff

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