2017, My Journey, self improvement

How To Manage Feeling Less Than


Tuesday’s Tip: How To Manage Feeling Less Than.

First, understand you are not alone. Even the most positive people have negative moments.

Second, realize “less than” is a part of “more than.” Just because you have a quarter tank of gas doesn’t mean your car is faulty.

Thirdly, “less than” is never an identity issue. Never take negative thoughts personally – they are just passing through.

Often time those “less than” feelings are indications it’s time to “refuel.” The best refueling is to completely shut down.

Take a day off of work. Turn off the electronics. Go to your favorite happy place (even if that’s beneath the sheets) and settle in for the day. No one was designed to be “on” all the time.

Are you feeling a bit “less than?” Stay your course. Steady your soul. Quiet your mind. You’re not broken, it’s just time to refuel.

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