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How To Get From Here To Where You Want To Be


When we go through significant changes in our lives, we tend to look for something different; a different  job, a different relationship, a different direction, a different voice to guide us from where we are to where we want to be. But closer examination of the road to ultimate fulfillment reveals that it’s the Same that leads to Different.

The same premonition, leading, prompting or voice that you first identified as your Truth (that’s why you have been following it your entire life) that led you here, is the same premonition, leading, prompting or voice that will lead you there. 

Your Sacred Voice

It’s taken you all of your life to identify your sacred voice. You know, the voice that speaks to you in the midnight hour. That subtle premonition that sparked your seemingly absurd move from one coast to the other.

It’s taken you all of your life to identify your sacred voice, don’t bail on it now.

It would take you another lifetime, if not more, to develop the same trust and confidence in a new voice to now lead you to your next level of success and fulfillment.

You don’t have that much time left!!

Stop searching for a different voice. The Same that brought you here will lead you there. Same source. Different course.

Same Source. Different Course.

Your direction is different now, but the voice that’s leading you is still the same. For a season, and a reason, you were led here. Now that same source will lead you there.

There is the place you ultimately desire and know that you are destined to be. The Ultimate You. But how do you get there from here?

Review Your History

Take a look back over the last 3, 5, or even 10 years.

  • What caused you to take the path you took to get here?
  • What voice or leading did you follow?
  • What did that voice sound like?
  • When and where did you discover that voice?
  • How did you come to rely on it and trust in it?
  • Have you stopped listening?
  • When and why did you stop listening to what’s been leading you your entire life?

When we are ready for significant change we become overwhelmingly compelled to dump everything and everybody we once knew so that we can be released into our new.

KEY: But if you don’t trust the same voice that led you up to this point, you could remain stuck here forever.

Here Is Not Your Final Destination

As easy as it would be to believe you’ve been listening to the wrong voice, especially if you don’t like where you are at, you must understand that you were led here because here is where you were supposed to arrive for the time being. But Here is not your final destination, but a stopover along the way.

KEY: If you bail on the process that led you here because you hate where you are, you will waste precious time and resources wandering in the wilderness once again searching for a different path, a different place, and a different voice to help you get there.

You don’t need different; same leads to different.

Key: Here is on the journey to there.

Rest. Regroup. & Reconnect.

You’ve been running the race and fighting the fight for so long. But you are in the home stretch. Don’t allow desperation to veer you off course. Rest, regroup, and reconnect with your sacred voice; your life force, the inner leading that led you here. The same will lead you there.

Be Comforted In Knowing These Truths: 

  • That which began a good work in you will be carried out unto completion.
  • There SHALL be a performance – a manifestation – of those things which you hold to be true about you!

If you’ve been following a voice that has led you here, trust that same voice will lead you thereThe Same that delivered you out from your adversity will deliver you to your victory.

Rest. Trust.

The same leads to different.

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