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Why Are Your Working Out?


Why Are You Working Out?

It’s Friday morning, BodyPump class @9:00amDo I go or not?
If you find yourself struggling to keep your workout routine or stay focused on that project, find another reason – a reason that’s bigger than yourself – and you will refuel your passion.
I was invited to speak at an elementary school assembly this week. One third-grade girl won my heart and became the focal point of my entire talk. Afterward, the principal told me that the little girl’s mom was dying of cancer.
I went straight from speaking to working out at Body Combat class. The entire class all I could think about was how no child should ever watch their parent die.
I HATE cancer with a passion!! I HATE sickness! I’ve seen enough of it in my lifetime.
As I began to punch in #BodyCombat I was no longer punching for me; I was punching the %*?! out of Cancer. I was working out for that little girl’s mom who didn’t have the strength to even lift her head. I was fighting the sadness and heaviness off of that child who was watching her mom die.

Why are you working out?

Why are you doing what you do?
If what you do has become stale, FIND ANOTHER REASON for doing it. Reasons make the difference. Reasons fuel our passion.
Now, it doesn’t have to be as extreme as fighting for a little girl and her mom dying with cancer who can’t fight for themselves, but I guarantee you if you find a new reason to fight – a reason that’s even greater than yourself, your results will be off the charts.
Let’s not make fitness or success just about ourself!
Why are you working out today?

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