2017, My Journey, Personal Growth & Development

Why You Should Stop Searching

“If you seek, you shall find”
Seeking leads to finding. If we are always searching, we are not receiving what we found.
Life is not about searching; life is about finding.
Finding is about being.
A dream that never comes true is a disappointment – an infatuation with what could be.
Some are hooked on the seeking, the searching. We’ve become expert searchers – but seeking, eventually, becomes an avoidance of being.
There’s no threat in searching.
It sounds honorable, holy, even spiritual.
Searching only edifies the seeker. Searching is intended to inspire and direct but never satisfy. A satisfied seeker never never finds what he or she is looking for.
A pregnant women who only pushes but doesn’t give birth, never gets to hold what she worked so hard for. 
“What are you doing” they ask the pregnant mother. “I’m trying to have a baby.”
Key Question: How long have you been trying to have – give birth to – what you’ve been carrying?
You can’t carry it forever.
What you are carrying only benefits you until you give birth to it.
When it’s first born it’s not going to look the prettiest but at least it’s out of you.
What you are carrying can only grow to a certain degree inside you – in dreaming stage, the forming stage, the seeking stage.
There must come a time to get what’s in you out of you.
Shift from searching to finding, from finding to being.
Being requires action.
Seek. Find. Be.

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