2016, My Journey

2016 Final Thought: Lean Into 2017


2016 Final Thought: “Lean into 2017 Headfirst”

Lasting change comes headfirst. 

Long before I ever ran my first mile, I spent time everyday SEEING myself running; being the person I wanted to be.

I paced myself in my mind. I even set up obstacles to overcome. Everyday I kept pushing myself harder and further – in my mind. I could even FEEL how good it felt to accomplish my goal, long before I ever took my first step.

Then one morning, weeks later, my body got out of bed, the running shoes went on, and out the door I went. It wasn’t forced; it was time. The guy I saw in my head all those weeks prior finally showed up.

No diet. No pill. No doctor. It all started in the way I saw myself.

Your greatest transformation begins in your head not in your hand.

Your New Year’s resolutions won’t make you; you will make your New Year’s resolutions, by BECOMING the person you want to become.

When what you do becomes who you are, you will do what you do instinctively. No one will need to drag you to the gym; you will desire to go.

I don’t run to become a runner. I run because I Am a runner, and that’s what runners do.

Become the person you want to be, and he or she will do the rest.

Lean into 2017 headfirst to jumpstart your New Year and maximize your results.

See it. Believe it. Be it!

Happy New Year!


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