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Flattery Is Expensive

flatterWednesday’s Wisdom: “Flattery Is Expensive”

I was interviewed recently on an 8-minute radio broadcast. Shortly after, I received a call from the “program director” raving on how well I did. “I haven’t seen this type of score in more than 100 shows – you’re a natural. Have you ever done radio before?”

I found myself being drawn in – “Three shows, 1 million guaranteed listeners, they’re already lined up waiting to talk to you..”

I was reaching for the credit card when I realized this was flattery – a ploy to get me to buy.

Key Note To Make: Not Everyone Is Genuine.

Sometimes you want what you want so bad you can be mislead. Flattery is ‘excessive and insincere praise, especially given to further one’s own interests.’

Don’t get too caught up in what others say they can do for you.

Your greatest achievements are organic.

Genuine help is gentle. It doesn’t push.

Genuine help always has your best interest at heart.

Genuine help isn’t free, but flattery is way too expensive.

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