2016, My Journey

Throw Yourself Into Your Dreams


Friend, if I could encourage you in any one thing in regards to the pursuit and fulfillment of your destiny, it would be to, “throw yourself into your dream.”

Don’t “wait” till you think you’re ready, or for someone to approve you or give you a “Word,” or even for you to feel you are ready. Trust God, The Universe and yourself, and throw yourself into your dream.

Trust God to guide your misguided attempts. Trust The Universe to soften your misguided landings, trust Yourself to make “on course corrections” to your zealous effort, and to correct misguided thoughts and emotions.

Don’t even wait, Friend, to “prove out” your decisions or actions before doing them; let them prove themselves out in “doing!”

Remember, “Today is all we have.” When tomorrow gets here, it will be today all over again. So we really only have “today.”

What are you doing to advance your dream “today?”

  • What if today were the last day you had to walk in your dream?
  • What if today were the only day you could do what you were created to do?

Would you spend your day doing what you love to do — what you were created to do — or would you use your day trying to “get ready,” tying to “get it right before doing it?

Would you fly, Friend, or would you spend your day, your only day, maybe your last day, trying to learn how to fly?

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