2016, My Journey

What I Want For You For My Birthday


If I only had one wish for my birthday, I would wish this for you.

What I want for you for my birthday is for you to believe in yourself. Believing in one’s self fully is the key to everything you want and desire. Belief is key to every aspect of human development and fulfillment.

One of the greatest hindrances of believe is doubt – self doubt.

Self doubt comes from not thinking you are good enough. Not thinking you are good enough comes from an up bringing where you never thought you were good enough; you never thought you could get it right.

Trying to please a parent who you thought you could never please is detrimental to your self belief. Not pleasing others turns into not pleasing yourself. Always feeling like you disappointed someone you love carries over into developing a pathology that you are always disappointing everyone, even yourself.

Feeling not enough is an epidemic in our society, and is destroying the dreams and lives of countless artist, dreamers, musicians, songwriters, teacher, mothers, fathers, best selling authors, entrepreneurs, and list goes on. Some of life’s greatest talent is sitting behind someone else’s desk.

So today, for my birthday, I wish for you to BELIEVE in yourself completely.

Trust 100% in your looks, your ability, your skill, your talent, your desires. I want you to believe that you are good not bad. I want you to believe that you are one with all good, with all success, with all happiness, which achievement.

I want you to let go of every hurtful thing your parent(s) or someone who loves you said to you that cause you to doubt in yourself. I want you to let go of never being validated by your father or mother. I want you to let go of feeling like you are a sinner separated from The One who created you. You are NOT separate. You are one! One with love. One with hope. One with possibility. One with success.

One step further…you are love. you are hope. you are possibility. you are success. you are wealth. you are the answer our world needs.

You are the song that hasn’t been sung, you are the story the broken heart is waiting to hear. You are! You are! You are! (“I AM” should be wringing in your eyes right now) You are all you need to be at this very moment! Believe that with all of your heart.

You can’t get it “wrong.” Ditch “right and wrong.” “Right and wrong” is flat wrong. You simply are! You are the best. right here, right now!

You were perfect before you came into this world. You are perfect now. You will be perfect when you leave this world.

Shift your focus from trying to become to being. Spend your life’s essence being instead of trying. Spend your next breath believing in yourself and doing what you love to do rather than trying to explain yourself.

Who ever didn’t love you, whoever didn’t give you what you thought you needed, forgive them and let them go. What someone else didn’t give you, God already did. Inside you is all you need to be all you were created to be.

It’s time to open your own gift. Start with the ribbon. Tug on in and feel the anticipation start to build. Start to imagine what might be inside. Feel your heart racing as you slowly begin to tear off the wrapping paper letting it fall to the floor. Feel that child inside of you swell with excitement, joy and anticipation.

Now open the box and see that the gift you’ve been waiting on has been inside you all along. You’ve been waiting for you, and today you have arrived.

Lift up your heads, O you gates; even lift them up, you everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in.

Release your inner King today. Believe in yourself and in your ability and do something great with that ability for yourself and for the world.

If I had only one wish for my birthday today, I would wish for you to simply believe!

(c) 2016 Jeff Crume. First published on jeffcrume.wordpress.com

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