2016, My Journey

Thursday’s Thought: Eventually

Thursday’s Thought:Eventually
Eventually time is going to expire. The window of opportunity will close.
Eventually you will not have enough time, or life, left to go through the cycle that continues, by demand, to deliver you to this exact same spot in your life.
“Here” is betting you will you will be back. “There” awaits your blind date.
Frustrated, excited, scared, desperate, sick and tired of being sick and tired. How long can you afford to stay “here?”
How long will you be between two opinions?
Where will this “quarter” (the decision to follow your heart instead of your head) dropped into the the slot of risk take you?
What pathway or avenue will open for you? What course will be created? What trajectory will this next decision set you on?
You will never know until you take it.
Eventually is not bias. It leads us either back here, or there. The choice, while eventually remains at bay, is ours to make.
If we don’t make it soon enough, eventually will make it for us.

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