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Can The Holy Spirit Work Through A Homosexual?


Can The Holy Spirit Work Through A Homosexual? – by Jeff Crume

I was taught in Church growing up that “good people” go to heaven and “bad people” go to hell. There was a lot said about the “Holy Spirit” (The Spirit of God) and how the “Holy Spirit,” or “anointing of God” worked through “clean vessels.” 

I was watching AGT (America’s Got Talent) singer, Brian Justin Crum recently, and could feel the Holy Spirit, the anointing, emanating from his being. It gave me goose bumps to listen to him sing. But when I heard later Brian announce that he was gay, I was immediately conflicted with what I’d been taught. The question flooded my mind, “Can the Holy Spirit work through a homosexual?”

If this was not the anointing of God I was witnessing as Brian sang, what was it? Again, my mind flooded with the thought, “Can the Holy Spirit work through a homosexual?” Could someone who chooses a homosexual lifestyle be truly anointed of God? If not, what was I feeling when Brian sang?

The only way I can describe it is, anointing! The pure essence of Brian’s gift was coming through him; unhindered by the opinion of man, or even the opinion of himself. Brian was totally in the “Now” letting his Light shine? 

It led me to think, does Spiritual work through natural regardless of natural? Can “clean” pass through “unclean?” I hear in my heart as I write, “Why do you call unclean what I’ve made clean?” 

Brian is no different than the twelve year old girl, Grace VanerWaal, with the ukulele, right? Anointing is anointing, right? 

Define anointing,” I hear inside.

The Anointing:

Anointing, to me, is the empowerment of God. Anointing is when the power of God passes through a human being. Anointing is when Pure Light shines through someone enabling them to do what they do.

I’ve felt this amazing surge of unexplainable supernatural power (anointing) several times growing up, and later in life it in the pulpit when preaching and in the lectern when speaking. I’ve also experienced it as a hospice chaplain while comforting someone who is dying. It is the same feeling that came over me when I started to write this post.

The artist who draws, the singer who sings, the magician who performs magic, the CEO who leads the multi-billion dollar company, the single mom who provides for her children all operate in an anointing.

At that special moment, the moment the anointing is passing through them, they are as close to “God” and their “true self” as they will ever be. They are Light incarnate radiating for all to see. The kind of light that gives goosies goosies.

Their Light lights the world. That kind of Light supersedes human categories, forms and judgement. That Light is not black, white, jewish, islamic, christian, atheist, gay, lesbian, male or female; that Light is simply Light.

“I Am” pours through a human soul at that very moment filling the hearts of all nations, all religions, all tongues and tribes…humanity…with awe, with joy, and with resounding love, appreciation, respect and honor for what is being witnessed.

The place is electric, all hairs are standing at attention. Why? The Divine just showed up. All creation, all humanity, all of the Universe stands at attention for a moment to witness Divine presence in motion.

Humanity can not manufacture that, as much as they would like to. “Packaging anointing” is what destroys it. Once you “label” anointing, package it, or put it in some kind of form, you limit, and eventually squelch, its power. You snuff out Light by putting it under a bushel (some kind of label).

Some Stars ought to be left alone; never discovered, only witnessed.

Some stars ought not be put on display, but only for a moment to bring about awareness that there is Something More than meets the eye to every human being…to every living creature.

Higher is inner.

The Divine is within.

When the super-natural collides with or passes through natural, these “moments” happen that light up the room, invoke standing ovations, or cause a song, or video to go viral. It’s not as much as the content as it is the container – The Vessel.

The Vessel

We are all vessels. When what we were born for for passes through us, that is the electrifying moment that Brian Justin Crum or Grace VanerWaal has on stage. That is “operating in the anointing” and that is available to us all regardless of our choice of lifestyle.

The Divine is not reserved. The Divine is not segregated, it’s collective.

We are all made in the likeness and image of The Divine. Life is about discovering our Likeness and then sharing that likeness with the world, in whatever form it comes in.

I can only imagine the struggle Brian must have felt as he wrestled with his lifestyle choices and how those choices might affect those he loved, and his gift – what he loved to do. But I am truly glad that his love for his gift won. 

All any gift needs to truly shine is acceptance, and that acceptance begins inside. The anointing will push and pull it’s way out of you. 

What About You?

What are you trying to do to please others? To get noticed? To grow your business, sell your book, push your record label up the charts?

When is the last time you truly felt anointed – Pure Light passing through you?

Is your label limiting your creativity?

Are you living in a box the world made for you after you “came out” of the closet? 

Is your Light hiding under someone else’s bushel, or even your own?

Are you doing what you love to do, but don’t love doing it anymore?

The First Time

Revisit the first time you did what you do and it brought the house down. What was it like? Why did you sing your first song? Why did you write your first blog? Why did you start doing what you are now doing for a living?

What are you doing that you once would pay someone to let you do, but now are getting paid to do it and hate it?

It may be time to let go of everything you know so that you can discover again what it is you were born to do.

It may be time to let your Light go out so that in darkness you will discover your True Light again.

Maybe it’s time to lay down what you are so desperately trying to hold up so that you can love yourself, and life, again.

What could be on the other side of who you are? Are you genuinely you, or have you been faking? 

Who could you be if you didn’t think you had to be who you believe you are?

True Light

Don’t lose hope. True Light never fades, it gets covered up. We cover it up by expectations, demands, and pressures of this life. We exchange what we love to do for the promise of what it could do for us. When before we were anybody we were perfectly content being nobody.

Not that we were ever not anybody, because we were. Before we were “discovered” we were the closest to our original state than ever before, because we had an audience of One. 

When we first discovered our gift, we were totally content with using that gift to bring glory and honor to the Giver of the gift. We loved our gift for love’s sake, not for what it could do for us, but for whom it made us.

Anyone with a gift, a truly Divine gift, recognizes that they are mere stewards of the gift, and that it is so far beyond them. They know they couldn’t possibly have anything to do with what they are doing, that it is simply a privilege to walk out this experience for as long as possible.

Return to The Light

Before leaving the planet, or calling it quits on your calling, return your light to The Light. Dip into that place you first discovered your gift. Revisit the reason why you wanted so desperately to share who you are with your world.

Are you still that person, or have you allowed the world to make you into somebody they want you to be rather than who you know you were created to be?

Are you genuinely, authentically you, or have you been coerced?

You never have to force authenticity, it seeps out on it’s own. It’s even somewhat shy and a bit bashful never trying to draw attention to itself

There is still time.

If you wake up to discover you have not truly been living your genuineness, or your genuineness has somehow become a faded memory, be encouraged there is still time.

Your latter will be greater than your former. The one(s) you touch with your relit torch will be far more impactful than all you’ve been able to inspire your entire life or career.

You are not finished yet. You have only just begun. Everything up to this point has been formative. You are about to come out…again!

Trust the “dying process,” the letting go of everything.

On the other side there is Light, more Light, and even more Light. You will never be empty where you are going. There will always be enough.

Seek joy. Be consumed again with the joy of what you do and not just the job of doing it. It will cause your Light to burn bright again.

The Holy Spirit is not prejudiced, even though the Church may be. The anointing passes through ALL creation, of which you are. You are Light incarnate.

If you’ve fallen, get back up. If you’re stuck, break free. If you’re in the closet, come out. If your light is hidden under a bushel, uncover it. If your light has gone out, light it again…this time for all to see.

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