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Today’s Tip: Be Anxious For Nothing


Today’s Tip: Be Anxious For Nothing.

You don’t have to have a purpose; You are purpose. “I am, therefore I have,” not I have therefore I am.

Anxiety is driven by doing and missing the mark. Peace is the derivative of Being and being happy with who you are. You can’t DO happy, you can only BE happy.

Live to BE, not to DO, it’s the only way to really be you.

Today, be anxious for nothing. 

~ Jeff Crume

2 thoughts on “Today’s Tip: Be Anxious For Nothing”

  1. This is a really thought provoking post. Admittedly I had to reread it to fully comprehend what you meant, but I think that it’s quite a refreshing perspective. I am often too hard on myself and my work so it was a great reminder that sometimes just ‘being’ should be enough.


    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I too find myself way too hard on myself and work. I asked myself the other day, “If I could do anything what would I do?” My answer? “NOTHING!”


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