2016, My Journey, Seeker

Thursday’s Thought: If You Didn’t Know What You Know, How Much More Could You Grow?

Thursday’s Thought: “If You Didn’t Know What You Know, How Much More Could You Grow?”
by Jeff Crume
Knowing is limiting at best. As soon as we say we know, we shut off the flow of intelligence, of wisdom, and of revelation that is continually streaming our direction.
The spirit of wisdom and revelation are infinite. Knowledge is merely a momentary stopover for infinite wisdom.
Once we draw a conclusion, we set a boundary. And boundaries keep us in, and others out. Boundaries keep us safe and hold us captive at the same time.
Confined by our own understanding of what we think we know, we build perceptions that breed realities and birth truth – our truth – truth with a lowercase ‘t.’
What we know is not all there is to know; it’s simply what we know. Who can truly know the breadth, length, depth, and height?
I’ve always said, “You know too much about me, that’s why you don’t know who I really am.”
Ponder This: Maybe you know too much. Maybe you know too much about you. That’s why you are not yet who you know you could be.
If you didn’t know what you know, how much more could you grow?

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