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Wednesday’s Word: Be Full of Yourself

full of yourself

Wednesday’s Word: Be Full of Yourself
by Jeff Crume

Oprah said the highest compliment someone ever gave her was telling her that she was “full of herself.”

When you are full of yourself you are complete, whole, entire, lacking nothing. When you are full of yourself you have no room left to be like someone else. You are truly, authentically you. When you are full of yourself, you are living the highest expression of yourself.

While we are growing into ourselves, we require the assistance of others. We run their advice through our mind. We envision what they would do and do our best to model that behavior. But when we are full of ourself we finally become comfortable in our own skin. It’s the fullness of time – when who we were created to be, and who we are, collide. We own ourself.

It’s not that we don’t need people any longer, because people are our ultimate mission. You just simply don’t need them in your head any longer telling you what to do all the time. You’ve come to trust your own advice, believe in your own intrinsic value. You own your own value and worth.

When you are full of yourself, your cup truly runneth over. And it’s only in your overflow that you can begin to make the impact on the world you were born to make.

In spite of what others may have told you, or you have told yourself, about being full of yourself, be full of yourself, it’s the only way to be truly you.

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