2016, My Journey

Thursday’s Thought: Mastermind of One

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You’ve heard it said that there’s wisdom in the multitude of counsel. But one doesn’t have to look too far outside the boardroom of his or her own heart and mind to receive counsel.
We all have a built in board of elders willing and eager to provide us with feedback on every thought, idea or new insight we have. The pragmatic the philosophical, the believer the doubter, the loser the winner; they are all within.
KEY: Whoever has the loudest voice directs the outcome
To go further listen closer. Get comfortable consulting with the council of your own heart and mind. Find the voice within that resonates with the life, business, or future you want, and keep listening to, and consulting with, that voice.
You hold the power to veto all other motions. You are the executive director of the board. You can override any of the other voices at will.
Before you spend too much time forming a Mastermind with others who you really don’t know, and who really don’t know you, consider forming an alliance with the one who knows you best: yourself.
Trust yourself that you won’t lead you astray.

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