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Monday Morning Perspective: Listen With Your Heart, Not Just Your Ears.

Little-girl-listening-into-a-cup-feature-1020x560Monday Morning Perspective: Listen With Your Heart, Not Just Your Ears.

Friends, family members, spouses, colleagues, business partners and customers all have something in common: They want to be heard.

Hearing is not an ear thing; it’s a heart thing. And a heart thing is driven by caring, not knowing. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

If you want to connect with more people, close more sales, mend more relationships, increase your customer satisfaction rate, stop running your mouth and open your heart.

Pay attention before spewing out your perceived solution. Genuinely take an interest in people and their concern before before trying to solve it with some robotic redrick your call center manage or manual taught you. (for those in customer service) There is no replacement for genuine caring. Caring drives results.

Try it today. When someone shares their concern with you, don’t be so quick to answer. Answer a question with a question. Make sure you identify the issue before offering a solution. One more question could make all the difference in the world.

Go the extra mile. Listen with your heart, not just your ears.

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