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When Someday & Today Meet

we_shall_get_there_someday_by_masochisticheartache-d526ps9When someday and today meet, you realize they are one in the same. Today isn’t separate from someday. Someday and today are all the same day.

Someday appears mystical. It somehow implies better, more, grandiose, or greener pastures. Promise is the delayed gratification of someday that stirs dissatisfaction with today.

Someday creates a nebulous thirst for more causing today to look bleak, and even at times, a bit boring. But truth be told, someday and today are the same.

The physical characteristics of someday may take upon different form. A few more zeros in the checkbook, a few less people in the house, a few more trinkets on the walls, but the deep down inside yourself feeling of euphoria that someday promises, isn’t there when you get there; it’s a lie.

Someday entices you with the promises of greener pastures, but when you get there, greener is, well, greener. Greener doesn’t make you feel any different (at least for very long). You can have more and still feel less. You can arrive and still feel lost.

When I was just starting out in business in my twenties I used to say, “Someday, my life is going to be entirely different.” (Define different please.)Someday has since come and gone, many of times, and life is not different.

Sure, I’ve experienced a lot. I’ve had my share of success and failure. I’ve been married twenty years. I have four great kids, (one graduating from high school) but life is not different; it’s the same.

The elderly people I’ve met during my work in Hospice have often told me they don’t feel old. Some were 90 but had no sense of being old. They told me that they used to talk about how someday when they got old, but now that someday had arrived, they felt nothing different. Sure, their body had aged, but their perspective did not. From the inside looking out, somedayand today are one in the same. They all encouraged me not wait for someday, for it very seldom arrives.

I see now, in my short fifty one years of life, that I’ve missed a lot of whattoday offers, in search of someday; thinking somehow that someday would be so much better than today.

Making it to someday doesn’t satisfy. Waking up today really doesn’t even satisfy. So what makes life fulfilling? The decision that it is.

Fulfillment is not an amount; it’s a decision. Fulfillment is a choice; one that only you and I can make. Satisfaction and contentment are not days on a calendar, they are decisions; attitudes of the heart.

Are you waiting on someday? You don’t have to wait any longer. Someday meets today when you finally realize they are both one in the same.

Your someday can be today everyday.

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