2016, My Journey

How To Believe In Yourself


Truly believing in yourself is an organic process developed over time. Belief, faith, confidence, self worth are not ‘lotions or potions’ you can pour or rub on anytime you feel down. Belief, faith, confidence and self worth are learned behaviors; mental mindsets and disciplined habits of successful people.

You have to give your power away a million times before, first, you recognize you are giving it away, and second, you are worth keeping it for yourself.

You have to experience the excruciating pain of feeling dumb and embarrassed a gazillion times before learning to not lead with that sickening, self-deprivation persona because you are so desperate to have someone recognize you and “give you a chance.”

Belief makes it’s own opportunity!

You have to learn to speak more highly of yourself, not because someone else thinks it’s ok, but because you finally realize you are worth talking about.

Finally, you have to keep at it long enough to get some skin in the game and fruit on your tree. Like begets like. The more success you start experiencing the more you produce.

If you pay close attention to the interviews with successful people, they all say the same thing. Why? Because success isn’t new, neither is the formula.

Why do you listen to their story? Because they “made it.” They appear to be someplace we are not…yet.

The place from which they speak (their platform), makes what they say somewhat elusive. But that’s not true. Their story isn’t any different than yours, except at the moment you are the one listening and they are the one talking.

Success is not elusive; it’s on the other side of disbelief. Start today examining doubt. Turn it into belief and you will be the one someone else is listening to.

I came across a great YouTube channel from Evan Carmichael that’s loaded with tools, tips, inspiration and encouragement to help you on your journey to success. Check it out.

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