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Wednesday’s Word: Converge – The Season It All Comes Together

Wednesday’s Word: Converge – The season it all comes together.
Converge is when several people or things come together from different directions so as to eventually meet.
Up to this point, life has been fragmented. One piece gets dialed in, and another goes out of whack. Converging is the season when all the parts and pieces (family, finances, health, career) of life come together to function as one. Harmony. Unison.
Each part of your life has been being refined, on its own, but now all of the pieces will fit jointly together – converge – causing you to walk in the fullness of your true self. The two shall be as one.
Your eventually is today!
#Encouragement | #Enlightenment | #Enrichment
#Family | #Money | #Happiness | #Fulfillment

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