2016, My Journey

Insecurity is the Arch Enemy of Greatness

image-insecurityTuesday’s Tip: Insecurity is the Arch Enemy of Greatness and the Thief of Destiny.

The opportunity you are looking for is looking for you, but often can’t recognize you hidden behind insecurity.

Insecurity is an underlying belief that you are not enough. Humanity suffers from an, I’m not good enough epidemic. It’s rooted in the “sinner” complex. If you don’t believe your nature is good, you will never be good enough to fulfill your destiny. You will push away the very thing you desire most because you don’t feel you are worth it. You don’t measure up.

Self abasement leaves you in the basement of life and business. Not thinking more highly of yourself than you ought damages the core of your self worth and belief. Looking less than, gets you looked over for promotion. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else with either.

Humility is matured arrogance. – Jeff Crume

Be bold. Be Believable. Be You. You will never be satisfied until you are.

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