2016, My Journey

This Is Your Word: EMERGE

This is your word: EMERGE
To emerge means to move out of, or away from something; to come into view.
To come into view you have to come out of, or away from, what you’ve been hiding behind.
What has kept you covered up?
A job. A relationship. A lie. A belief?
What has held you captive in the shadows?
Shame. Guilt. Fear. Pain. Failure?
No need to worry. You have not missed your moment; you’ve been prepared for it. What was thought to have destroyed you has only defined, and refined you.
It’s time for you to EMERGE. It’s time for you to COME INTO VIEW!
What do you need to do? (Don’t get caught in the trap of doing. Stay in the peacefulness and serenity of being.)
Simply move out from behind the shadows. Come into view. Your light will do the rest.
“You’ve been long overdue to come into view.” – Jeff Crume

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