2016, My Journey, Personal Growth & Development

Caught in the Current

caught up in currentLife is in a constant state of motion. Even when you sleep you are moving. Moving creates currents, and the force of those currents direct the course of our lives.
Many get caught up in a current; a job, a relationship, a belief system, and, never discovering the rudder of their own free will, spend their entire lives drifting aimlessly wherever the current takes them. Or, the current starts moving so fast there seems to be no way out. It becomes easier to just go with it than fight it.
YOUR MISSION, should you choose to accept it, is to extricate yourself from the current. You can’t stop it, but you can get out of it. While others follow the current, resist it until you build a dam with your own free will and determination.
Stand firm in the midst of what’s been tossing you to and fro until it has no other choice but to go around you. Then create your own current, and invite others in.
NOTHING can stop definite of purpose mixed with free will and determination. Flow where YOU want to go, NOT where the current wants to take you. Create your own current. It’s your choice. It’s your right.

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