2016, My Journey, Personal Growth & Development

3 Reasons To Lose Your Mind


1. You Are Not Your Mind 

You are not your mind and your mind is not you.You are the essence, the spirit, The One behind your mind.

2. Your Mind Is A Tool

Your mind is a tool processing information it receives into thought. Thought mixes with emotion and drives action.

KEY: Thought is not reality until you make it reality. Remember, you become what you think about most.

3. You Don’t Have To Do What Your Mind Tells You To Do

You don’t have to do what you mind tells you to do, you can tell your mind what to do. Take every thought captive. Examine it. Accept it or reject it in accordance with your life’s plan.

Remember, you are not your mind, you mind is a tool to help you become who you really are!

If you don’t use your mind, your mind will use & abuse you. – Jeff Crume



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