2016, My Journey, Negative Emotions

What I Didn’t Know Road Rage Would Cost Me


Whoever the young girl was that was raging mad at me with her car yesterday, whatever I did to cause you to put your life, my life, and the lives of innocent people in jeopardy, I sincerely apologize.

That 20-minute episode, that could have been easily avoided by me simply pulling over and letting you pass by, cost me more than I could have ever imagined.

By the time I reached my son’s soccer game, the fight or flight chemicals were still surging through my veins. My frustration turned from you to the referee, who miscalled the game and messed up the score resulting in our loss of 5-7 (when she called it 6-2, us, at half)

My frustration and aggravation bled over into a discussion with my wife, who when simply asking me how she should get her hair cut, I barked, “Just cust it however you want it…it’s your hair!”

The “negative epidemic” didn’t end there. 

While taking my daughter to a play later that evening, I encountered another obstinate driver who refused to yield the right away to me, almost plowing into to me. (Isn’t it amazing how negativity appears out of nowhere when it’s surging through your own veins.)

Irritability set in, and the rest of the evening I was cranky with my family. I found everything wrong with everyone and everything, and by the time I laid my head on my pillow, even my promise of sweet sleep was robbed from me.

I tossed and turned, wrestling all night with tormenting thoughts and nightmares of being confined and trapped, afraid and struggling, on the run trying to escape. Escape from what? The prison I had created by my choice to open my heart and mind up to, and engage in, negativity!

One 20-minute act of yielding to (allowing someone to get under my skin,) and engaging with negative thoughts and feelings, resulted in more than sixteen hours of negative ‘e coli’ of catastrophic proportion.

One simple act of returning rage for rage launched a war inside of me; releasing a deluge of anger, fear, frustration, hate, restlessness, doubt, worry and discontentment; leaving me powerless and defenseless. 

Like a virus, injustice surges through our veins, weakening us until we are powerless.

Whoever the young girl is that was raging mad at me, whatever I did to cause you to put your life, my life and the lives of innocent people in jeopardy, I sincerely apologize, but I also sincerely “Thank you!”

You helped me realize an area of weakness in my soul where my enemy has been sneaking in and stealing my victory. 

You didn’t do this to me; you were being used as a pawn by the enemy of my soul, and I fell for it by yielding to, and engaging with, the negativity of the moment. 

The very second I opened my mind to what I perceived as an injustice, the rest of the negative plan took over, and ran it’s course disrupting the rest of my day and night.

Thank you for exposing my enemy for me. Because of you I know how to defeat him once and for all. 

I wish you peace and goodwill forever more.

Would You Like To Save Your Life?

Would you like to save your life and the lives of other innocent people?

Would you like to defeat the greatest enemy of your soul and go on to live a life of peace, success and happiness?


Pay attention to what ignites your fight or flight instinct. At that very moment (which 98% of the time you are in no real present danger, it’s all pride, all ego) CHOOSE to pull over or make a way for whatever is pressing you, trying to cause you to react, to pass you by.

Pull into a parking lot and breathe. Pull into the nearest Starbucks and get a coffee. Pull off the side of the road, (somewhere safe) walk around your car three times, do a quick T-Swift, shake it off move, get back in your car, and go on with your life. 

Rage, anger and other deep negative emotions, ignited by road rage, arguments with your spouse, or disagreements with people in general, has been designed and purpose to destroy your life. If the rage doesn’t  kill you physically, it will destroy your definite of purpose which will destroy your dreams from the inside out. 

Stop engaging with what’s trying to destroy you. Move over and let it pass you by. 

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