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Your True North

If left to your own, stripped to your core, you are perfect; pure, whole, complete, entire, lacking nothing. Your essence is pure.
Like begets like. Imperfection can not produce perfection. ‘Perfect imperfection’ is still imperfection.
You can only be who you are. As long as you identify with imperfect, you will fall short of your intended purpose. You will fantasize, but never materialize the desires of your heart.
You have become, and will become, who you believe you are worth becoming.

4 thoughts on “Your True North”

    1. Thanks for engaging Sam! Yes. Belief is one of the core elements of personal achievement. In your experience, what have you found that impacts or influences what you believe the most?


      1. I think the people you surround yourself with and what you read is the most important! Seeing what you believe is achievable by reading it in books or listening to and following successful people who have done it make you realize that anything is possible and it could be you!

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