2016, breakthrough, My Journey

Stand Your Ground

Life Lesson: Quit Turning Away. Stand Your Ground
If you are ever going to reach where you are going, you must get past this point. Your path keeps leading you to this exact spot. Different faces, different place; same you.
What you’ve been doing isn’t working or it would have delivered you past this point already. If you keep cowering, camouflaging as reasoning and wisdom, you will keep returning here.
Don’t let your brain and emotions bully you around any longer. Stand your ground! Make happen today what you truly desire.

Self Assessment:
Take a moment to ponder the following self assessment questions. Make note of your answers in your daily journal. Detail the thoughts and feelings you keep experiencing at this point.
Next, take some time to look back to see how many times you’ve been here before. The more you reflect the more you will reveal what’s keeping you here. Be honest with yourself. No one is looking at these answers but you.
  1. How many times have I been here before?
  2. How do I normally react to this place?
  3. Why do I keep stopping myself?
  4. What am I afraid of?
  5. What will I do different this time?

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