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Help! Someone Highjacked My Facebook Post


Have you ever had someone highjack  one of your Facebook post?

I wrote a blog recently that was inspired by another author. I posted a comment on their social media site with a link to my post. I checked the next day to find the author removed my link.

I must say I was a bit miffed. I gave her the credit, the least she could do was allow me a bit of exposure, right?

I thought it was really rude of the author to delete my link on her platform, UNTIL it happened to me.

I paid to boost a post I made on Facebook recently. I checked my stats the next morning, only to find someone commented on my post this long, non-related, sales-pitch junk. I thought, “she highjacked my post! How dare she!”

“Ahhh….I Get It.”

I suddenly understood, first-hand, what the other author must have felt when I included my link in my reply on her platform.

Now, to my own defense, I don’t think I was trying to be malicious. I truly wanted this author to read my post and to know the impact she had made in my life. And, hey, if I picked up a few followers along the way, all the better, right?

I must admit, I really struggled before posting to her platform. I wrestled between sending her a private email and just “going for it!” After all, that’s what all of the “how to grow your business” experts tell you to do it, right?

I felt kind of sick to my stomach. It felt a bit “sleazy,” “ill-gotten gains” as one ancient writing says.

I agonized over it inside right up to the time I pushed the reply button. I ignored the feeling in my gut and pushed REPLY!

Piggybacking or highjacking someone’s platform or post without their permission is [….], well, you fill in the blank.

People work hard to build their platforms.

It seems like those who don’t have a platform try to piggyback off of someone else’s.

We see it all the time with FB Groups. The author of the group requests, right up front, that there be no self promotion or solicitation. And what do you find? Self promotion and solicitation!

I genuinely want to build my business and expand my reach, AND help others do the same. But courtesy and respect…heck…integrity, ALL still play a HUGE roll in our growth and success.

Honoring someone by not highjacking their hard-earned platform is a way of showing respect. (It also speaks of one’s own maturity.)

I know there are so-called experts who teach you to do this stuff to build your business, but I would rather sleep at night knowing I’ve honored and respected someone for their work and believe I have what it takes to build my own.

The level of success you desire will come in direct proportion to the honor you give others who have already achieved what you are striving to achieve. – Jeff Crume

The Universe gives us back what we give out. (I found that out when I opened my own post to find someone highjacked it for their own cause.)

The next time a Facebook Group author asks you not to self promote, honor them by not promoting yourself.

The next time you see the opportunity to “get exposure” by highjacking someone else’s hard-earned exposure, resist the urge. Make your shares, likes, comments and posts TRULY about them. One day others will make it about you!

One last thing…

Permission unlocks creativity that’s birthed out of Light. Thievery taints creativity. What is birthed out of thievery reeks underneath the surface of desperation not inspiration.

Take the High Road. – Jeff

Has this every happened to you?

I would love to hear from you. Leave me a comment below and let me know how you handled it.

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