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A Midnight Hour Word

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A Midnight Hour Word: What You Were Born For Is Just Up Ahead

I heard this word echo in my soul in the midnight hour. I jumped out of bed to write it down. I just had to share it with you. Leave me a comment and let me know what it means to you.

“Humanity is coming to a condition that will cause you to come into your own. What you’ve been born for is up ahead of you yet a little ways. Don’t be discouraged, you’ve been being developed. The impact you will make, in seemingly a short period of time, will last for all eternity.”

Words are powerful, life transforming. One word can save our soul and shape our destiny.

I’ve received, and clung to, these types of “words” all of my life. I don’t always know what they mean, but I write them down. To me they are divine instructions; bits and pieces of a roadmap that are strategically delivered to me at just the right time.

I’ve learned over the years that these divine instructions are not just for me, but others too. As you journey through life, regardless of what stage you are in, keep listening. You’re on the right path. Doing the right thing. At just the right time.

What you were born for is just up ahead.

[Leave me a comment and let me know what it means to you.]

2 thoughts on “A Midnight Hour Word”

  1. Another excellent post. Thank you Jeff! The words “What You Were Born For Is Just Up Ahead” makes me wake up to the person, place, moment that I’m in right now. Like I’m “snapping to attention”, sitting up straighter, reminded that what I’m meant to do (what I’m born for”) is always right here, right now .. right in front of me. “Just up ahead” takes it one step further.. This path will get even better. Just up ahead. Small bites of destiny. All around us. All the time. (And yes, I’m an optimist through and through 🙂


    1. Dr. Dinardo, I like how you put it, “snapping to attention.” I love the days where I feel my inner self “sitting up a bit straighter,” walking a bit taller. – Great feedback, thank you SO MUCH for sharing.

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