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There’s Always Room For You

It can be difficult, in the internet age, to think there is still room for your dream. But remember you are the only you on the planet.

What you offer, regardless of how many other people offer it, has never been offered to the world before. Why? Because it hasn’t come through you.

We are all vessels. Our gift, or what we offer the world, passes through us, and that’s what makes it unique. You don’t have to strive to be different or unique, you were born that way.

It’s good to be up on what others in your field are doing, but it can be devastating, especially if we begin comparing ourselves to others.

If you are feeling a wee-bit small in a great BIG world, step back and remind yourself, “There’s always room for me.”

The world isn’t complete without what you offer. You owe it to yourself, and to the Universe, to get your product and service to market at all cost!

Disconnect so you can reconnect to your purpose. Let the stirring come from within. Shake the dust off your feet, and get back in the game.

There’s always room for you!

6 thoughts on “There’s Always Room For You”

  1. Thank you for sharing this inspiration! It happens to apply perfectly to my thinking these days, and it’s definitely something I definitely needed to hear (or should I say see) 🙂


    1. Hi Joe, thanks for sharing. It’s good to hear that others resonate with what we feel deep within. I read your post, “Is Vibration Biblical.” I can relate to your “seeking” for more, yet being a bit afraid of “compromising” what you were raised on. I’ve learned what we hold on to holds on to us. I encourage you to keep asking, seeking and knocking. There’s more to know than what we know. Don’t be afraid to let go. Truth will NEVER let go of you! To your continued success!!! – Jeff


      1. Jeff…I very much appreciate the excellent advice. I feel like God is telling me the same thing, and He is helping me live it out.

        It seems like we are on the same page with our thought process and helping others live at a higher level. I will certainly return regularly to see what you have to say 🙂

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