Life Lessons, My Journey

Feeling Stuck?

Are you feeling stuck? Check to see if you are still afraid of what almost happened.

I was riding the trails on my mountain bike today when I hit a patch of loose sand. The bike jerked suddenly to the left, and I found myself airborne headed over the handlebars. I was able maneuver my way out of it without crashing.

(“I’m ok honey, really.”)

(That was for my wife’s benefit who is reading this the same time as you are.)

For a mile or so up the trail, I kept replaying what almost happened; in technicolor. Several times I even found myself flinching at a fall I’d never taken; only in my mind.

When we encounter “near misses” it does something to our psyche. We get stuck for fear of what could have happened but never did. (Afraid of the shadows.)

I turned my head off, cranked up my Foreigner Pandora station, and blazed my way through the rest of the trail.

Do you find yourself stuck?

Check to see if you are still afraid of something that almost happened; a close call that has you a bit jumpy. If so? Face it. Embrace it. And Erase it.

1. Face it — It didn’t happen, but even if it did, you are resilient. You bounce back.

2. Embrace it — Bad things happen, even to the best of us. Failure is a part of success. Downgrade the threat. Don’t buy into the panic.

3. Erase it — Eradicate the fear before it turns into a stronghold and keeps you from achieving your destiny.

Get back in the saddle and go full speed ahead! Rewrite your movie. This time see yourself winning!

Do you find yourself stuck?

The fear of something that never happened could be holding you back. Time to face it, embrace it, and erase it so you can get on with it!

Speaking of getting on with it, I’ve got a ride to finish. I’m getting back on the trail again. Thanks for listening (or I should say reading). Catch you next time.

– Jeff


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