Life Lessons, My Journey, Overcome, Restoration

Speak Up. It’s Time To Be Heard Again!


Failure leaves scars. Disappointment altars perspective. When we experience deep hurt we retreat, even from what we love.

Our identity is crushed. Our existence, as we once knew it, is over. We live just beneath the surface. We lurk in the shadows. We fly under the radar. Not too low, as to never be noticed, but not too high that we attract attention.

We’re in a new relationship, but we don’t commit 100%. We have a new job, but we do just what’s expected and nothing more.

We write again, but reserve our deepest intimate thoughts for ourself, because the last time we went out on a limb to truly express ourself, we were rejected.

Anticipated pain is worse than the actual pain itself. You flinch before you ever get hit. You’re punchy.

Anticipated pain paralyzes creativity and optimism. After being hurt, for whatever the reason, we hold just a bit of us in reserve. We protect and defend so we don’t get hurt again.

We want to love, but we’re just not certain. Any glimpse of hope is quickly swallowed up by memories of shattered dreams. The only thing we become certain of is that we are uncertain.

This uncertainty seeps in to all areas of our lives, crippling our potential and dwarfing our true essence. The one who hurt us is no longer in the picture. The failed business is long behind us, the mistake is water under the bridge, but the pain has left us guarded.

Tainted faith, patched-up hope, and bruised expectations render us timid; second guessing ourself. Scar tissue grows over confidence and certainly. Instinct is deadened.

We miss new beginnings and opportunities because we hang our heads a little bit lower. We shake hands a little weaker. We shoot a quick glance sideways when we meet someone new, rather than looking deep within their eyes. We run with a smaller, less-likely-to-be-noticed crowd. (After all, one way to feel big is to hang around small.)

We live beneath our abilities. We hold back a portion of our zeal in fear of getting hurt all over again. Misery disguises. Pretending leaves you empty.

Angst and frustration indicate restoration.

The urge to be heard soon returns, and you find yourself chomping at the bit to contribute; not just a little, a lot!

You are the man, the women in charge once again. You know it in your gut.

Your true self won’t allow you to lay in pity. You can’t stay miserable forever. Failure has no legal right to you. Death is swallowed in victory.

There is a phenomenon that suggests when the student is ready the teacher appears. Check yourself right now. You feel that urge inside don’t you?

You know you’ve been down long enough.

You know it’s your time again!

Yes, you’ve been hurt. Yes, it’s scary. Sure you’ve been scarred beyond recognition, (even to yourself) but you sense yourself emerging from the ashes. You can’t even hold yourself back. Something is taking over. You are taking your rightful place once again.

Oh’ Death, where is thy sting? Oh’ Grave, where is thy victory?

To be heard again, to be seen again after extreme failure or setback in life: speak with more certainty. Don’t leave your ideas to chance.

Mumbling days are over. Never apologize again for who you are!

This is your stuff! You didn’t borrow it. You’re not living a plagiarized life. What you know, who you’ve become, prit’ near cost you your life! This did not come cheap!

This is your voice, your song, your idea, your video.

This is your passion, the love of your life.

This is your dream, your breath.

This is your heartbeat.

This is your moment.

This is authentic you.

Speak up. It’s time to be heard again!

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