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When Dreaming Big Is Dangerous


“We get so many societal messages about what the Right Dream is that it gets hard to decipher what our own dream is. The pandemic that we have of overconsumption is directly related to this concept of dreaming big, bigger, biggest-possibly big. Big can be bountiful, but what if your dream is to live simply-to have enough? Not more than enough – but enough.” –  Danielle LaPorte, Fire Starter Sessions

Dreaming big becomes dangerous when the dream we dream is not our own; its the dream we think we are supposed to dream. Society pressures us more and more every day to have more, do more, be more. Don’t stop, push your way to the top!” What if you are ok with the middle or even the bottom? Who even decided the levels anyway?

Turn the ladder upside down and declare the bottom is your top.

Next year is approaching quickly. Strike 12:01, January 1, and we’re running the race again. Are you dreaming the right dream? Are you running the right race? Now is the time to check.

Before running the same race next year, check these few facts about running your race to see if you are on the right track.

  1. Run YOUR race. – We all are given a race to run, what’s yours? Are you running the race someone else wants you to run, the one society says you should, or are you doing what you do because you decided to? Are you being pressured into doing what you do, or does it come naturally?
  2. Run with ENDURANCE. – Your race comes with an endless, bountiful, predetermined measure of strength and stamina to get over, under, go around, or go through any obstacle that gets in your way. If the obstacle isn’t moving, look twice; you may be going the wrong way.
  3. Run in PEACE. – Hectic all the time is not your intended design. Joy and happiness is the greatest payment for service rendered, and the greatest indication you are headed in the right direction. You were designed to go out with joy and be led forth by peace. Why RIP when you can LIP, (Live in Peace)?

Dream YOUR big. Run YOUR race.

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