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What Could You Do With 105 Years?

Alice, 105 years old, with Chaplain Jeff Crume

Alice turned 105 on November 16th. She died this past weekend. I’ve had the privilege of sitting with Alice, as a hospice chaplain, for over two years. Alice would often say, “Why did I get to live so long?” A question I could never answer for her.

She was the most amazing women. Her mind was still in tact until the day she died. She would often recall stories about when she was in sixth grade; naming names and describing where each of her fellow students sat in the classroom. She recounted a life that she called both good and difficult; not really accentuating any certain part.

When her hearing started to go bad, Alice got earphones and a mic so she could hear those who talked with her. When her eyesight started to dim, she turned to books on tape so she could still do what she loved to do most; learn.

Alice was a ‘knowledge junky.’ She loved listening to stories about past Presidents. She would throw in a little suspense every once in a while to mix things up a bit. What a mind she had!

Alice would always thank me for visiting her. She was so gentle. Very humble. And always grateful. Alice often asked questions about “Heaven.” She finally found her answer. Thank you Ms. Alice for being a part of my life. Whom the Son has set free is free indeed.

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