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Don’t Fall In Love With Your Butler

Building relationships with these people could cost you your destiny.

Ancient writings record a story of Joseph: a son, a slave, a prisoner, and eventually, a Prince. During his time in prison, Joseph met two men of the royal court; a baker and a cupbearer, or butler. Each man had a dream. Joseph interpreted their dreams successfully. The baker was beheaded, and the butler was restored to the palace. “When you are restored,” Joseph said to the butler, “Remember me.”

It appeared the butler forgot Joseph, until two years later when the King dreamed a dream that he didn’t know the meaning of. The butler quickly said, “I know a man.” The King called for Joseph, Joseph interpreted the King’s dream accurately, and was promoted from the prison to the palace overnight. Joseph ruled the known land for the rest of his life, second only to the King.

To reach our destiny we will need the aide of both butlers and bakers. Butlers will thrust us before the kings of our times who have the power to promote us to our rightful place. Bakers will help us put the pieces, or ingredients, of our dreams together, causing us to become complete, whole, entire, lacking nothing.

Nowhere in the story do we see that Joseph built a relationship with the one who helped him. You would think you would want to honor those who help you. But if you look closely, Joseph did honor them. How? He capitalized on the opportunity they provided him. He didn’t squander it, he didn’t build a party around it, he didn’t blab about it to his friends; he used to the fullest to become who he knew he was destined to become!

Don’t build relationships with your butlers or bakers. They are in your life on an assignment to help you reach your destiny. Don’t disappoint them by not doing anything with the opportunity they created for you. If you get too involved, you mess up the intended purpose of the relationship; to simply open the door and make the way for you.

Oh, don’t worry about rewarding them, their reward is you reaching your final destination.

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